"Have no expectations but accept the possibility that it will go well"

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How do you take action without your mind playing tricks on you? 

When we spoke to Darren Scholes during lunch at Momentum Day, he mentioned teaching his golf pupils the importance of approaching each shot with a neutral state of mind.

I hope I am quoting Darren correctly, this is how I interpreted him:

  • If you let the past influence you, you will either feel bad because it didn't go so well, or stressed because it went well and you need to keep it up. 
  • If you let the future influence you, you will feel stressed about needing to do well this time or anxious about needing to continue doing well. 
  • Neither is a good state of mind for taking that next shot, which is why you must try to clear the mind from the reality of the past or the expectations on the future.

The trick is to approach each new shot without expectations, while at the same time holding a slight acceptance that it might go well. The shot might be perfect, it might be a failure - neither matters but then again it might be ok. Approach the future without pressure to perform, but leave the door open to a successful shot.  

Have no expectations on the future but accept the possibility that it will go well. 

Regards / Michael

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