Musicians Way. Challenges: Potential for Growth. 1.Time management and the Musician.

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Musicians Way.
Challenges: Potential for Growth.
1.Time management and the Musician.

Musicians face many challenges that shape us as individuals and as part of a group.

If we truly want to grow in our artistic endeavors.
If we are willing to face and accept these challenges as opportunities for growth,we will become better musicians and will have more to offer our fans.

We will encounter these growth building situations(challenges) many times over the course of our careers. This can be a very good thing,because as difficult as these challenges may be, they have within them the potential to make us stronger.


I will be writing a series of blogs to address some of these so called challenges. Challenges that are in fact imbued with The potential to teach us valuable lessons.

These lessons may hold the keys to unforeseen benefits.
When we become skillful at addressing difficulties that use to baffle us, we become more prepared to handle any situation that may hinder our growth, in the music field or any other endeavor.

This article will focus on the aspects of Time as it relates to our goals and ambitions as Musicians. I will lay down here some important hints that may be very useful in the facilitation of overcoming obstacles in regards to managing time.

Time and money can seem as daunting obstacles in our quest for creative freedom. We all have day to day commitments,that may to some extent limit the amount of free time we have, to pursue creative goals. Also our financial responsibilities may leave us with little money to allocate to our musical pursues.

A very important tool, in the art of Time management, being in the musical field or otherwise, is the essential skill of Prioritizing.

*Prioritizing- allows us to assign importance to things that matter most to us, and thus allows us to focus on these things more intently, while minimizing the things that aren’t as important.

*First things first-
If possible work on your music first. You can accomplish more in less time when your mind is fresh and relaxed. Don’t get too H.A.L.Ted.
Hungry,Angry,Lonely,Tired— You can’t concentrate and can spend time spinning your wheels and getting little done when your halted.

*Action Planning-
Prioritize what you want to work on in your music project.
songwriting,Creating tracks,Practicing instrument. Etc..
You have to decide how much time you would like to dedicate
to each subject.Do just a few things a day and take plenty of rest periods between sessions.

*Avoid Procrastination-
Start your plan now. Spending too much time planning is a form of procrastination.

set clearly defined goals. (I will practice guitar 25 min a day)
Break tasks down into steps. Focus on one step at a time.

Take things one step at a time. You are in this for the long haul.
Give time time.

There is a tremendous hurdle to overcome when you are working a 9 to 5 job and are trying work on your music project.
It is not easy to marshal your energy so you can work on your songs and practice your instrument.
Paying gigs will not provide you the financial freedom to pursue your musical aspirations. Unless of course you hit it big.
But how many of us hit it big in the music industry.
Unfortunately not many.

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I promise you won’t be disappointed. I wish you much success in your musical endeavors. Until My next blog. Be well.

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