...PIC YOUR ADDIC..everyone is addicted!

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.....PIC YOUR ADDIC...everyone is addicted!

It is successful with addictions, cravings, needs, dependencies, desires, eagerness, lust, avidity and so on, it make us prone to explore and expand. In order to access and retain the benefits of this we need a extraordinary strong nervous system.

Everyone is addicted to something and have strong feelings in certain situations and it is a gift. Therefore it is crucial for us to interact and develop contexts where the timing and environment match each other in a way that favors all involved. This is a delicate transformation that is usually overlooked in general, whether it is in private or work-related contexts.

I was lucky enough to start my professional pathway as a very young psychologist and in collaboration with children and families focused in neuropsychology in medical endcare to investigate the reltionship between brain, behavior, social interaction and environment.

This meant that my theoretical knowledge had to develop and expand in record speed to be able to make sensible results, and most important, I had to go for trial and error, in close cooperation with kids and parents, I had to leave my office and partly live with them....this was at that time considered as a very extreme behavior from others and impropriate as a professional psychologist, but I was to young to understand it at that time hahaha!

It was many mountains to climb to get the necessary experience that I felt was secure enough to express in my neuropsychological testings, interviews and observations in a worthy way for the kids and families, and of course find paths for sucessful solutions in interaction forward.

A situation from that time is still present in my heart today, in the midst of a treatment conference, where all the occupational categories from medical care, police, school and social services participated, it came to my attention (popped-up) that the teenagers I was collaborating with in treatment had the same actions and reactions as I had been growing up with in the elite sport athlete world and of course myself....I started to laugh, loud, with happiness and relief...I had some kind of feeling " I get it...".

The journey to "PIC ADDIC"- our drive, motivation and spirit starts over and over again, always in progress. We need to practice our nervous system to have the strength and power to guide us as first, genious and simple, but almost impossible without support is my own experience.

Meditation is a highway to strong nervous system and mind, but it is crucial to do with knowledge and guidance, otherwise you don´t have the correct effect. http://digitalbloggers.com/self-improvement/it-beats-everything-eng

If you want to know more how to practice your basic nervous system to start with mail or send a message. 

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