If you are self Employed you must be tired of feeling tired!

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Self-employed is just another word for, hustler, grinder, seeker, and visionary. This is one of the reasons I admire those who are self-employed… They possess all these qualities from the start and start nourishing and growing each quality stronger through experience and knowledge. Perhaps only some of these traits can only be developed if one decides to take on the challenge of being self-employed. Even-though it is harder than simply having a conventional job and being told what to do, it is much more satisfying and rewarding in both the personal and financial level if done correctly. From my perspective and personal experience, the hardest part of being self-employed is energy management.

What I mean by energy management is the way energy is invested and re-gained. In simpler terms this refers to our daily energy consumption and the way in which we deal we tiredness but most importantly the way in which we recharge our energy. We have all heard the sayings of ‘all or nothing’ or ‘120%’. But how practical are these motivational sayings? Without taking them out of the right context, I acknowledge that they are meant to increase your awareness in your effort and aid people to re-gain focus in their work and what needs to be done. However, living in a consistent basis by these principles it will do two things, one, guarantee your success and number two leave you tired as hell! Being an Athlete myself and self-employed, energy is the most important currency that I possess, not money, not even time but energy. Without it time seems useless and money seems worthless. So I’ve had find ways to have consistent energy every single day to hustle and ensure my income grows every week, to train and ensure my development as an athlete happens day by day and lastly have enough energy to do things I enjoy, have fun and be able to still be the energetic person I am naturally.

I call it the Hustler Method. It is based on 3 things;

v  Mind Set and Understanding.

v  Diet.

v  Rest.

Pretty simple uh? It shouldn’t be complicated. Again, this is what I use daily and most athletes I work with and entrepreneurs I have met, have very similar methods.

v  Mind Set and Understanding: The first step is to make the Mind set shift from ‘Work Hard’ to ‘Work Smart and hard’ (check out the order of the words, which is first?!). What this refers to is maximising your time and using it as energy efficiently as possible, and well hard means given it all you’ve got in the time you have. Assign a maximum amount of time you will spend on tasks; for example, I start my day at 5:00am, go through my morning routine, put myself in a good state and by 5:40 am my day begins. I have every single day scheduled with time slots for all of my tasks

for the day it looks something like this:

Copy Writing 5:40-7:00am
Promotion 7-9am
Networking (E-mails, skype calls, messaging) 9-10am
Studying. 11-12am

v  Diet: Without going into too much detail because there enough information in this area that we could make 4 blogs on this, I am going to give you the three things I do to ensure my energy levels are always through the roof and I never have ‘downs’ throughout the day. Number one, I don’t eat any synthesised sugar, this means no ‘white sugar’, no artificial sweeteners.  In short that means, no chocolate, doughnuts, cookies, Starbucks, sweets, etc. You get the point, maybe you don’t have to go to this extreme but remember that I am an athlete so I must maximise my diet to ensure my performance is high every day. Instead of having that type of sugars, I have honey as a replacement for sugar (not too much honey because then it can still become detrimental!), I eat a ton fruits, nuts, raisins etc. Again, you get the point, eat what you should eat and don’t eat what you shouldn’t eat. Number 2, eating discipline, eat in specific times consistently, stop midnight snacking ! Number 3 , eat and drink energy supplements, being self-employed makes you no longer count in the ‘average person’ so you must go the extra mile, do re-search to what the best energy supplements are for you to ensure you are as efficient as you can be!

v  Rest: Lastly rest. This is where it gets tricky for me, I am a bit undisciplined when it comes to rest as I always want to do more and achieve my goals as quick as it is possible. So I will sacrifice sleep and periods where I should be resting to work or train, which realistically affects me on the long run. So from a metric ton of experience I recommend you rest properly. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Meditate before bed. Have an hour in the day to do whatever you like to do and simply turn off for an hour. Increase your spiritual alignment (this may sound out of place but this is what is recently helping me feel more rested and re-energized quicker during very energy demanding weeks and months).

You are your own boss, your best employee, and your best apprentice. Be smart and goal directed like a boss, ambitious and focused like the top employee and have the humbleness to learn new things like an apprentice.

Stay focused and keep reading.

Efrain Herrera.


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