Chill out

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As I sit here and write this blog, I'm faced with a number of decisions about what to do with the rest of my day.  

My girlfriend wants to know if we will be going out of town to visit some friends.  I have another friend who wants me to come visit him and his wife out at there place.  Or I could just stay home and work on my business.  

As I've said in previous articles, I'm developing habits which I am implementing everyday.  I have about five new things that I am doing everyday, but outside of that I have a bit of extra time in my day to do with as I please.  And I struggle with what to do.  

I know that the best use of this time would be to feel as good as I can feel with the time that I have.  Now whether that be staying in and working on my business (because I know that the rewards will eventually come because of me taking consistent action), or whether it be going out of town to visit friends, it's always a decision only I can know given the way that I feel in any given moment.  

A lot of the time, I'm in such a rush see success in my business that I want to do that and only that.  Now that's okay if that impulse is coming from within, but mostly it's just me pushing and pushing in a sort of sort of feeble attempt to 'make it happen.'    

When we chill out, we can actually 'enjoy' the moment.  This moment.  Because this moment is where all of our power is.  And we can actually listen, and be led to the perfect action, the path of least resistence, that we would see if we weren't blocking our vision by forcing things or putting resistence on our trail.

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