Healthy Life: Step n. 4

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Stretching your body

In the first three steps, we have seen some natural functions of our body as breathing, drinking, and eating. Now it's time to see another essential aspect of our morning routine, which is how to maintain our body in good shape. Of course, you can go to a gym, run or whatever you want, but my intention is simple to add something quite easy to do every morning, to the purpose of doing a quick warm up before beginning our day.

The routine that I'm doing and I want to share with you require no more than fifteen minutes. It is the stretching of the three main parts of our body: neck, torso, and legs.

I use stretching exercises because they bring many benefits to our body, here a quick list of them:

  • Decrease risk of injury
  • Decrease risk of muscular pain
  • Reduce muscular tension
  • Increase blood supply and nutrients to joint structures
  • Increase neuromuscular coordinations
  • Increase movement efficiency
  • Improve balance and postural awareness

Be aware of doing all the exercise in a very soft way, without any sudden movements. The body is your, take care of it.

The first exercise is the neck rotation, this one warms up the muscles that are involved in head movement and stability. Furthermore, the stiffening of this area is usually caused by our daily stress, so if we can loosen these muscles will be a good start of our day.


To do it start by standing or sitting with a straight back posture. Start by tilting your head forward, and try to touch your chin to your chest. Rotate clockwise and tilt your head as far as you can to the right. Keep rotating your head to the back, looking as far behind you as you can. Finish by tilting your head to the left with as much range of motion as possible. Repeat these steps three times. Then rotate counter-clockwise.

The second exercise is known as Cat-cow stretch.


Lower yourself onto all fours on a carpet. Keep your arms and thighs at approximately right angle to your torso. Breathing deeply, arch your back like a cat. Hold this positions for fifteen seconds. 

Return to resting position and continue down with your torso toward the floor, forming a downward curve. Hold this position for other fifteen seconds.

Then repeat up and down for at least five times.

The third and last part of this routine concerns our legs. I've put two pictures that explain better than words how they work. 

Stretch front legs: 


Stretch back legs.


As I said at the beginning this is only a minimal routine regarding stretching, but if you can include these simple exercises in your daily life, I'm sure that you will be getting a better quality of your well-being.

As the ancient Greeks said, 'A healthy mind in a healthy body' is a key principle of our life.

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