I never feel short!

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Emotions make us even!


I am involved within various professional elite sports as physiotherapist and sportspsychologist. Even if I see each one as equal from a performanceperspective, I do have a big heart in basketball. My upbringning, leadership and character as a person has mostly been evolved in basketball contexts and it´s design (40 years now, started at age10 as a player)

Belonging to what we call " the small people" in basketball terms is a great compliment. We-small people know that we are faster, more flexible, hot shooters, technical wonders, posesses amazing game perceptions and control what happens at the arena (wink, wink).

The mindset is also the highest status in basketball, if you posess a great and rapid mindset for different situations it is more appreciated than doing just good physical results, smartness i valued and have highest rank. Probably it comes from the streetbasketball culture, the origin.

Two of many mindopeners that I still enjoy and feel is some kind of fundament in our culture is following memories;

1. We where taking place in the bus an early in "morningtired condition" and one of the men´s players said... "you are in the minority Erika"... my answer "yeah I know I´m the only woman"..."No your white"...This is a typical conversation to show who´s got the fastest mindset hahaha! It has nothing to do with gender or role, it´s an equal competition in perceptions.

2. As a physio I also have had many fun and entertaining situations. One of the men´s players once laughed loudly with the heart and said " you´re half me, and yet I lie here waiting for you to finally fix my back pain and five more guys are waiting for the same thing...popular women hahaha". This is a situation that easy could have been misunderstod, but when you work with professionals it is a great confidence-trust you get, when a player passes his/her body to you in a painful condition. 

Without spontanous humor with underlying respect it is almost impossible to cope with the stresses that are involved in professional sports today.

Therefore I never feel short, the focus that I´ve been lucky to grow up with in basketball is our mindsets, and here we all have the same position to work with, to and from.

I usually end my bloggs with a special pic, today I take the chance to let you see my "still going strong shoot", thanks to my old coaches the technique still works! 

In service,



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