It beats everything!

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It beats everything!

This is the first time I dare to promise that something works, in Sweden we do not have the culture to express such grandiose promises, especially not if you are trained and schooled in the academia and sports as I am and my collaborative collegue Sahib Sing in India.

The reason I choose to take the risk is that it is impossible to fail with meditation if you follow the instructions and recipes, they have existed for thousand of years and are well proven.

It is therefore absolutly vital that you get access to these meditations in the form giving effect, some general mindfulnesstechniques can be comfortable and soothing, but if you want "the real thing" you need to take another direction.

What may be motivating for you to know is that in the well-proven meditations you get such major output in what you do, more effcect in relation to any other kind of practice, this is the ultimate way to transform your lifequality and lifestyle with essence and value.

You have the superior transformation in mediation, I see it as the most excellent "brain surgery" that I can accomplish without cutting. Therefore it is crucial to follow the recipes and be guided by those who conducted them already and is guided of others in turn, without such experience it can be less effect or no effect, and in worst case just confusing with meditation.

It´s really fascinating, while it can be a "quickfix", meditation affects our structures both in the brain and body over time, if we manage to make a routine for it. 

It is so nice with the results after an intense period of specific meditating; ventilation, strength, reaction rate, mobility, vitality, energy, mental endurane, emotional balance etc. evolves with record speed.

For me the recovery and emotional balance have been amazing to get back into a condition of trust and it is an undescribable gift to get it back after challenging the systems over to long time and in an imbalanced way.

In The Multivariate Mindset 21 (MM21) there are different meditations linked to multiple levels.

Together with my collegue Sahib Sing the interaction is always in progress and you can mail us questions according to meditations for specific purposes. Some basic meditations you can see at 

In service,

Erika / Sahib

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