Medical Laser Therapy (LLLT) for empowerment!

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Medical Laser Thearpy for empowerment!

Laser therapies are medical treatment that use focused infrared light tuned to different wavelengths (LLLT 600-980 nanometers). As a bodytherapist I use it to promote healthy tissues and regenerate tissues most of all. When I work as licenced acupuncturist I also add it for tissues, increased cirkulation, improved healing time, decrease swelling, reduce inflammations, muscle spasm and painrelief. In skincare I combine it with eastetic acupuncture.

Adding laser energy to damaged areas creates an optimal healing environment, it increases cirkulation, drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients to damaged area. It is an excellent method that can be adapted to many applications. I´ve been working with it for almost 10 years now and have had great results.

I usually divide the laser application into two parts, state of illness and state of health, in case of illness you need to work with deeper structures, and in health conditions it´s enough with more superfical structures.

Depending on your condition, different amounts, time and number of treatments are needed, but countining at least 5-10 treatments for a good result. Often you will also need to follow up once a month.

For more illness conditions and injuries you find more information at and for health and vitality in

In service,

Erika Strömsten


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