My best friend..

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My best friend

Her name is Polarn. She is about 10 years old. I´m not really sure, because she just moved in to me in 2010. She is a real fashion girl, she loves pink and leopard pattern. She also loves the sun..

We have shared great times and really bad times together. The death of my mother, 3 yars ago. Also a separation then she was my ancor. She have heard all my stories, she has comforted me in the darkest times.

My heart is falling apart, because she has got a form of skincancer. Because she is completly white, she has alack of pigment. Well so now she has very ulcerated ears and nose. So she has to wear this: undefinedShe doesn´t like it all.. It hurt me alot to see the panic in her eyes. I have to tell my self each minute that it is for the best. I feed her with a spoon, I wash her ears and put some healing cream on them. For the nose it is pure Aloe Vera. The only positive thing with this is, that I can be a fulltime nurse to her. I have the abillity to be at home almost whole day.

We talk alot and I try to keep her safe with so much love. And as always she is there comfort me again, when   I´m crying. My best friend.. I really hope this will help her so we can be together a couple of years more. Nowdays she is totally forbidden to be in the sun, daytime. We will meet the vet next friday.  

I´m so greatful to these guys that made it possible! Thank you, thank you, thank you Stuart and Jay.

Have a graet day and tell your friends, familys and pets that you love them


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