Team work makes the dream work. 

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Here’s the beginning of a mini Serie about team bonding and fun days out.  


Our team 
Don’t know about you but I personally find that most of my friends nowadays are amongst the amazing people I met at work, and I always get excited about throwing out work events.   
Though people are immensely busy with their day to day life, the prospect of a fun day out sounds extremely appealing. My secret is: do it as often as you possibly can as some people will always miss out because of shifts work.  
Moreover, I have personally embraced a South West Regional Nurse Practitioner role a year ago, meaning I get to travel to a bunch of different cities, hospitals and teams, without really belonging to any of them. And to be honest with you, as much as I enjoy discovering new places and keeping away from politics,  it can be a lonely place and just because we always want what we don't have, I have been thinking a lot about all the great stuff we can do with team mates. 

Go canoe 
So, this time last year, my former team and I went kayaking on a river nearby and this was a franc success. Make the best of the last sunny and warm enough days to enjoy water sports and the likes!  
All you have to do is find your nearest kayak centre and choose if you’d rather paddle down the rapids and picnic on the way or engage in mini games and challenges such as slaloms and 360° flat spin! In our case, I watched every single people who tried (apart from the canoe instructor) fail and end up taking a dip.  

Plan & Prep 
Estimate a budget of approximately £20 pp.  
All you need is a towel and a change of clothes. Wear old trainer that you won’t mind getting wet and take a dry pair of shoes with you. I can’t quite describe the feeling of getting into warm clothes after an afternoon messing around on the river.  
If everything goes as planned, you’ll all end up in the local pub and share well-deserved drinks...  
Alternatively, you could take your team to a booze cruise and make it a day to remember. Expect spending more but when it comes to group activities, the more the merrier. (Meaning: expect a great bargain if you are a big group)  

To sum up, I’d like to quote one of my colleagues who always say: You work hard, you deserve it! So, go on and enjoy a little.  
And if you do, share in the comments as you might inspire a lot of our fellow nurses out there!

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