Technology today: How Technology Can Affect You In Today's Society

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The Technology of Today

    Today's era of technology has produced some of the best and most efficient ways to do business in our history. Everything from how we as consumers shop to how businesses deliver those goods and services to us today has changed drastically in the past 10 years and innovations are only increasing ways to keep businesses and products thriving in an ever changing age. Information technology fosters innovation in many businesses gloabally, innovation results in smarter apps, improved data staorage, faster processeing, and wider information distribution. These innovations also increase other ares of businesses, such as: 

  • Digital marketing making this area of business more cost efficient than newspapers, television and radio advertising. 
  • Social networking
  • VoiP communcation (Skype, Facebook calling/messaging, WiFi calls, etc.) is much efficient and stable than the legacy telephone. 
  • Cloud computing keeps areas of financials and inventory up to date in real time in a very vast space. 

    The above technology areas increased many different businesses in just the past 10 years. Giants like Amazon, Ebay and Wal-Mart who do a fair amount of business online and have increased reveune doing business online ten fold. 


Holiday shopping

During the businest times of the year are black friday during the Christmas holiday season starting the day after Thanksgiving and the following Monday also referred to as Cyber Monday. The increase of online shopping during these periods have seen a sky rocket in sales and ecommerce globally. 

Healthcare systems

    Even the healthcare system today has been drastically changed in the fact of how we here in America can enroll, shop for health plans and which carriers offer per the area or state the enrollee is looking for health insure, while finding information on doctors or healthcare providers within our health plan network. I myserlf have worked in this field since it's inception in the spring of 2013. The changes to the healthcare system in America have seen a complete overhaul since then and only improved it's enrollment process. 


Digital Marketing Utilization

    The technology that can be utilized today to conduct, complete and engage with customers and clients is staggering. Everything from our phones to our desktop is a powerful tool in today's eccomerce business world. The digital marketer today is making a huge enterance by harnessing and utililzing these technlogies that everyone has access to at any given moment at any hour of the day. I myself have been a part of this wave of new careers in the digital market place.


    If you'd like to learn more, click here or please click on any of the headings on this page for more information on one of the best digital marketing systems in place today and how you too can utilize this technology to work for you and generate a residual income. Or if you would like to contact me, click on the any of the icons under my picture on this page. Please subcribe or reach out to me via email if you have any questions. I'd love to hear from you. 

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