The Benefits of Bushcraft Relaxation

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In previous blog posts, I have noted how important it can be to learn to distract the mind when trapped in negative emotional thoughts in order to reduce chronic stress. It is important to have your long-term dreams in place so that your mind has a 'heading' to focus towards. However, sometimes the momentum of what you are currently experiencing is so powerful that trying to think of the long-term dream is just too big a difference and so you actually feel worse. Thinking of the dream life can just emphasize the lack of what you want, which holds you in negative emotions. There are many ways to create a distraction, in order for the mind to reduce the momentum of negative thinking. Once you have reduced the momentum of negative thoughts, then positive thoughts have a better chance of being let in ( a better feeling thought).

One particularly excellent way to distract and turn off the mind chatter is returning to bushcraft. We evolved in this way and it is sad that so many people are still trapped in the 9 to 5 existence, inside enclosed office buildings and have become utterly dependent on their needs being met by others. 


Bushcraft works on many levels because it involves;

1. Timeout from restricted lifestyle

2. Physical activities

3. Spending time in nature

4. Creates resourcefulness ( creativity & imagination).

There are many bushcraft providers who can teach these skills. Here are a few;


Timeout from our usual day is really important because it creates a different perspective for a period of time. When set apart from our usual days and usual faces, we can reflect on the whole of our life as an observer rather than a participant. Are we living the life we want to live?

Physical activity - to spend time in bushcraft is to learn great new skills such as wood whittling, creating structured buildings, thatching, creating beds, making rope, foraging and hunting etc. Learning to survive and thrive in the outdoors releases us from the 'chatter of modern living' that does not serve us anymore. It is almost impossible not to turn your mind off when engrossed in making the bowl and spoon, which are your very means to eat your food with.

Time in nature and just being in greener spaces has been shown to be beneficial to the mind and health. Delighting in the protection of a tree shelter, after a long day hunting food, can be a very good feeling of appreciative thought. When FEELING those 'better thoughts' your brain responds accordingly, affecting the physiology of your body.


Resourcefulness is a word we have become unfamiliar with. There are so many things that we are now 'not allowed' to do because we don't have the mandatory training, with a certificate or pay the fees to the mandatory body annually, which we 'must have' to be given permission to live. When you are living back in nature the only 'certificates' are a pat on your own back that you have found something to eat and drink, have kept warm or cool and found or created a shelter to rest in for today. Interestingly, by practicing resourcefulness, it can often help when returning back into modern society. You don't need to stress as much now because your brain can accept that you can survive without all the possessions, people, and tasks of the modern life. Your perception of what stresses you can alter, simply because the modern day stresses is now perceived as less of a threat. You are now FREE from this type of FEAR thinking.


I know for myself that making more choices to be more self-sufficient has improved my experience of life. For me, being self-employed is a big part of creating self-sufficiency too, which is why I have chosen to affiliate with Six Figure Mentors (SFM )and learn the ropes of having an internet business. This is simply so I can then spend more of my time outdoors! Click here if you want to know more about SFM. Now off to look for some sticks for a shelter.... 


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