The Freedom to choose your own unique arena, over and over again!

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The Freedom to choose your own unique arena, over and over again!

Isn´t it amzing that we actually can create our own arena to act and react in, wow!!!

In my first article "No-FIT to A-FIT" I pushed the great importance of belonging to a context where acceptance, empowerment, freedom, flexibility and joy was the dominant feelings. Powerful emotions never come alone, they arrive in all its greatness, just as it should be, what we often miss is that it requires energy. In other words, we have the ability to feel a lot when we have energy and on the contrary, with little energy we don´t feel so much, we lose action.

This state of losing action is good, yeah really, it gives us the opportunity to reflect, take control of inner reactions, summerize, relax, follow-up, organize and create our gameplan from experience to future.

In professional elitesports this is extremly obvious, action (outside) and reaction (inside) as well as in entrepreneurship. A non-sport and non-entrepreneur friend of mine once said " you are normal when you are tired" hahaha! Reflecting on his words I came to the conclusion that it probably was a correct observation from his level of actions and reactions, compared to mine. 

I´m convinced that we need all kind of abilities and personalities to deliver the best world and solutions, in teamwork this is crucial, without differences we cannot achieve energetic power. In my work as professional sportpsychologist for national teams or individuals this issue often arise in some aspect.

So now we are coming to the delicate and amazing arena for freedom, as human beeings, to choose, how do you want to react inside and act outside?

As a kid I was very imaginative, creative, intense, happy and joyful in all states, somewhere on the way in growing up this ability decreased. My "dreamarenas" wasn´t so prescent any longer. I think that´s why I choosed to stay in sports, becuase in the sportsarena it is legal to have dreams, act and react. I keept the ability alive thereby, the freedom in entrepreneurship is the same, with all strong emotions and challanges.

In my model Multivariate Mindset 21 you can follow different transformational levels.

Therefore our own unique arena is delicous, we can fill it up inside and outside, over and over again. Evaluate, act, react and create what we need. I will write more about it in detail and concrete in upcomming bloggs. Interact with me, I love interacting!




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