3 Tips to Keep Your Love Of Flying Light Aircraft Alive -Long Term

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You need to keep the love of flying light aircraft, that original spark, alive! But how?

I have been in aviation for 12 years and I always find it so sad when an aircraft owner comes to me to sell their aircraft because they are getting out of flying. 

When I was doing my Flying Licence, my Instructor had an interesting saying.  He said everyone needs the 3 P’s to be able to keep their flying motivation up.  Without them, you eventually lose spirit and stop flying.  Initial enthusiasm and the thrill keeps you flying for so long, but in the end you need some true reasons to keep it fun and justified.  

The First P- People 

When flying light aircraft, you need to have people to share these experiences with, to make the memories with, to laugh with about your last "less than perfect landing", or to go for that bacon sarnie with.

Flying shouldn’t be about going places on your own, it is about sharing the experience and taking others along on the ride with you.  A family that flies together stays together! Taking "the wife" to the fantastic airfields and nearby events makes having an aircraft invaluable at Badminton Horse Trials for example.  Fly the family to the beach, or camping up in the Highlands!

“Build traditions of family vacations and trips and outings. These memories will never be forgotten by your children.” Ezra Taft Benson

There are also the people you can go and meet who you love to see, but live so far away!  They are a great excuse to dust off the flying maps and take to the sky. 

Getting a group together and going on a flying trip together is the best fun of all. In 2016, eight German Breezer owners came all the way over to England and flew around the country, camping at the airfields along the way.  It was an inspiring trip and they had a fantastic time exploring, having fun and taking home a plane full or memories!  Flying in formation and visiting new place together in the true spirit of flying light aircraft!

Flying should be all about the people, an uplifting community based on the common ground of having been bitten by the “flying bug”! It is this that brings a strong reason for flying as well as a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

The Second P- Places

You need fresh places to visit, great places to discover and explore.  Places to inspire you and to push your boundaries.  Venture abroad (even if it is ever so slightly, just over the channel), or go on a camping trip.  Visit places that only aircraft can reach easily like the Isles of Scilly for example. 

Remember why you got your licence to begin with, was it to prove you could do it?  Or was it to go exploring, to build memories, to live outside of the normal everyday box, or a little bit of both? There are some fantastic farm strips and little places to explore, as well as the lovely big airfields too.  look out for my next blog with places to go in the UK on this subject next!

flying light aircraft

“The only things you regret are the things you don’t do.” Michael Curtiz

The Final P- The Pennies

Finally you need the money to be able to justify the flying, or simply to be able to keep doing it. Lets face it, it can be an expensive hobby! Having a frugal little aircraft like the Breezer goes a long way to bringing the costs down, but without the pennies, the whole hobby falls down. 

I believe the main answer to this is to keep the first 2 P’s strong.  With a strong reason to keep the flying up, with places to go and people to see, aviation becomes such an important part of you that you would never want to stop. 

When something enriches your life as much as flying light aircraft does, if it is important enough to you, then you will work hard to keep the flying alive as it is worth so much more to you then just being a hobby.  

It is just something to bear in mind, if you find your motivation dwindling one day, are you missing an element?

undefined I have worked in aviation for 12 years now, selling light aircraft and my Husband Russ is a corporate Jet pilot flying a Falcon 900LX, so we are very much a flying family! We are dedicated to enriching and growing the flying comunity, bringing a safe place to buy aircraft in Absolute Aviation (www.absolute-aviation.co.uk) and by selling the Breezer Light Sport Aircraft in the UK since 2009 (www.breezeraircraft.co.uk)

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