What is the fun of a MX-5?

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What is the fun of an MX-5?

Many people asked me what is the fun of owning and driving a Mazda MX-5. Let me start with giving you a little tour back in time.

It was around spring 2010 that I was talking to a good friend (who owns a gray MX-5 from 1998). He was telling about the club he joined and how they enjoy cruising the country with the top down. He told me that this would also be a lot of fun for me and that he was looking for a good co-pilot to read the road books. And he was right, we did have lots of fun!!

After about 3 years I was thinking to buy my own MX-5. I talked about it with my wife to see what was possible but she told me I should wait until we had a little more savings. A few months later my wife organized a surprise party for my 40th birthday with a lot of friends. Friends from the neighborhood and also from the MX-5 club. Besides the party she organized, she also had a surprise gift for me. I had no clue what it could be. Well, look again at the photo on top of this blog, that’s mine J

When my spouse gave me the key of my “new” car (1992) I asked everybody who knew about this present. All guests in choir: I knew! All 60 of them. She had bought the car almost a year before my birthday and parked it at a garage of a friend. Far away from me so I could not see it before my birthday. You should have seen my face at that moment!!

The next day I was thinking about the weather in Belgium vs. my 1992 car. I really needed to build a garage to keep it dry and safe. Yes, safe. I live in a small forest and I don’t want any bumps and scratches on the car. More work, more time, less money but the car is glad to have a house to live in and I’m happy to have sort of a “man-cave”.

After that day my friend lost his co-pilot. I'm really crazy about my car! You never know how exciting it is to drive topless until you have been my co-pilot! You hear so much more, see so much more, feel so free without a roof above your head, it’s amazing.

I really advise you all to take a test drive and see what it does with your mind. The new MX-5 ND is also fantastic and not that expensive for a brand new car. But the NA (first model) has everything “analog”, no airbag, no ABS, mine even does not have power steering. That’s the real feeling of driving!

(Photo: Mazda MX-5 NA 1.6L 1992)

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