World Water Ski Competitions 2018

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Wow what an amazing Waterski Show.

The 6 countries represented were Canada, U.S., Australia, China, Belgium, & Germany. Each country had a theme.  Canada-Las Vegas Wedding.  US- Super Heros.     Australia- The Toy Story.   China- Chinese Foods.  Belguim-James Bond     Germany- Octoberfest.

All had unique announcers to keep the audience on the edge of their chairs (if they had one) many people sat on rocks or stairs.

The performing teams arrived days prior to the competition to practice their accomp[ished routines & water skiing skills.  The competitors had an age range from 10-60 years. Three new docks were brought in & a large stage where skiers departed from the water onto the stage. Many of the girls performed dance routines here, congruent to their theme.

The music was lively & entertaining & a few of the announcers had the audience up dancing & singing.

Never before has this tournament been held in Canada. The word is out that they are requesting to hold it here again next year.

The 4 days in advance of the show had perfect weather for practicing the ski routines. We observed much of the practice routines to realize the show would be outstanding.

The detail of ropes being in the right place, to getting skis back from the stage (where most landed) to the location where they would be needed next was amazing & sometimes confusing as skiers ran to get things in order, as the show continued.

It was one act after the other coming from different docks none stop for the better shows. The announcers were excellent in telling us which way to look to see the next performers. It was like a team of ants working together quickly to get the job accomplished. Just like any team sport or business, co-operation was imperative.

The skiers were accountable for their responsibilities & were running with equipment from one dock to another.

The themes were well noticed as the costumes displayed the themes exceptionally well. There was one large picture screen on the main dock, announcing each country's theme. At the beginning of each countries performance, the screen was changed by transporting, the large screen announcing their theme, by a portable floating dock.undefinedundefined

It took about 1/2 hour to get prepared for the next country's performance. The teamwork was a great example of how businesses could run. 

Each country could see what the others were doing & how they used all the docks & equipment. Each team had multiple ski boats as the show kept moving.

The day of the competition arrived on the coldest Saturday we've had all summer. The temperature was in the 40's in the morning. With the wind off the lake & chilling temperatures, we wore winter coats, scarves & gloves.

The music was loud & lively. The M.C. was motivated. (one of their favorite sayings was make some noise) People cheered loudly for the skiers & got themselves warmed up.  About 2000 folks came to see the show. Advertising on radio & newspapers was well done.

Germany performed first, then Belguim

We were fortunate to sit right in front of the stage on our comfy lawn chairs.

The wind picked up & turned the jump ramp so it was unsafe for Belguim to continue. After the correction took place, the show resumed.

Then 2x's again the biggest jump ramp was blown around. The show stopped until the correction took place each time.  More anchors seemed to rectify the problem. Then a boat appeared that was in the territory for the water ski show. This took a little time to remove.

So Belguim had the longest show. No penalty was given as all interruptions were not their fault. Each Country does have a time limit for their show.

All countries performed beautifully & Saturday's scores would be compiled by adding to Sunday's scores to determine the placements of the countries. 

The U.S. earned 1st. place, Australia  2nd & Canada 3rd. In my eyes, they were all winners. It was a first class show I would recommend to anyone. Pat.

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