You're the Solution!

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If you look at any kind of business model or any career a person might pursue in their life you will be sure to find people who have failed, people who have had some success and people who have had massive success in that chosen field. So what's the difference? What is the only common denominator that makes the difference in results? 

To quote Megan from the epic movie 'Bridesmaids' - ''re your problem and you're also your solution'. Yes, that's right, the only thing that can change the story is the person in the driving seat who is striving for that career path, that business venture, or to be a success in any chosen goal or desire. It's YOU.

Regardless of where a person comes from, the upbringing they have, the advantages or disadvantages they may have, every single person who has ever wanted anything of importance will come up against challenges, severe delays, set backs and what seems like complete road blocks. However, only the person who KNOWS in their heart that their goal or desire is theirs already and that there is absolutely nothing that is going to stop them...only this person will succeed. The others will make excuses.

To quote another one of my favourite movies, 'Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken' which is actually a true story, Cliff says to Sonora, 'Just goes to show you, if you want something bad enough anything is possible'. Sonora's parents died in the time of the Great Depression, she lives with her Aunt who ends up telling her she is going to hand her over to the state because she is so much trouble so she runs away to follow her dream of becoming a Diving Girl diving horses despite having no experience! She keeps her dream folded up in her pocket and talks about it and thinks about it and has no doubt that she is going to get it. Against all odds, everyone telling her she can't do it and straight out rejection Sonora never gives up. I won't tell you the ending! Please watch the movie if you haven't seen it, it's truly inspiring.

So maybe it's time to be really honest with yourself and start being aware of the story you are listening to in your own head. That is what is stopping you, nothing else. You can blame other people, circumstances and events for not achieving your goals, but at the end of the day you choose how you react and respond to everything that comes up in your life. You choose to keep going or to stop because it got too hard. YOU CHOOSE EVERYTHING.

So how badly do you want what you want? If you want it that badly you can absolutely do it. So many other people who have started in a far worse position than you have achieved success so you can too. Stop making excuses, start taking responsibility for your choices and start being in control of your life.

I've chosen to have a digital business to give me a life of freedom so I can travel to and from Australia to see my family and friends whenever I want. Being free of being an employee means that I can wake up when I want and live my life how I choose every day. I can impact other people's lives in a positive way and empower them to do the same. There is so much I want to contribute to the world and having to work in an office from 9-6 every day is taking up way too much time! 

Please feel free to share your stories, comments or thoughts on any of my blogs. I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love always,

Avalon xoxo

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