10 truths series part 8: Prepare to fail

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Within my current digital entrepreneur training, I have come across a notion I didn't know about.

Failing forward to success.

See, up until now, there was no such thing as failing forward not to mention to success.

Failing was failing.

But, as I thought about my experience up until now, I realized every failure led me to this very point.

I have learned what I don't want anymore. I have tried different strategies and I can now appreciate what doesn't work. I have also made my share of mistakes and hopefully, I won't make them again.

I 'll make new ones:) YEAH!!!

I guess that's what is called failing forward to success.

Learning along the way as you fail so you get closer to success.

I will add though that you also learn through your success. No need to focus only on failures.

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Much love from Corsica!