5 great reasons to get involved in online education

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Traditional education institutions (ie. brick and mortar Universities, TAFE’s and Training Colleges) are generally time intensive, expensive, require a commute or relocation to a new place and have quite inflexible schedules requiring onsite contact hours spread throughout the week. Essentially you have to make some fairly significant sacrifices and/or changes to your life to be able to attend.

Fortunately these are no longer the only option when it comes to furthering your education- online education is opening doors for everyone from stay-at-home Mum’s to the full-time Professional seeking a career change. 

Some of the benefits of learning through online institutions and training companies include:

1.       Geographical flexibility

The ability to complete your studies pretty much anywhere that you have a PC/laptop/tablet and an internet connection is a huge advantage. This allows studying to be done in a comfortable learning environment of your choice.

2.       Time flexibility

Fit your study hours in around your life, instead of vice versa. This is helpful to people in many situations such as those who have a young family to look after or want to study around their work hours.

3.       Cost

Online education often offers a more affordable alternative. Amongst other reasons for this, institutions and training companies that operate solely online don’t have to maintain, power and staff a whole university full of buildings and facilities.

4.       No commute

Also studying online does not require you to commute, battle traffic, pay for fuel or parking fees or relocate to nearby your place of study.

5.       Experience a global community online

The accessibility of online education means that you don’t necessarily have to study with an institution/training company based in your country of residence. In addition you can be taught by, coached by and network with people from all over the world.

It has been found that learning online is just as effective as traditional face-to-face classes and online courses are largely recognised in the working world of today. So whether you want to start a new career, boost your existing qualifications or just generally upskill in an area of interest, online education is an advantageous opportunity that is literally at your fingertips.

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