57 Ash - Mum The Rainbow..

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Sunday 17 March 2019

Woke up about 6:30 something without alarm, set up and wrote my affirmations.. checked my campaigns, I had an email from lead in Dubai querying on his application, I was able to guide through the SFM support.. about 8 am, I went back to bed listening to Centered Happiness meditation.. woke up about 9:40.. then I ate the ground nuts i soaked in water last night.. then went for a jog.. a beautiful beautiful beautiful jog.. It was a little windy today in London.. but the weather was so great.. In the morning It was grey when I went for the jog, it was grey and windy but a little sun was there.. when i was on Lambeth bridge I was under the Sun, it was so good. I got home from the jog, made my lunch... Lentil soup and chicken and rice and eggs..

Around 3, i started to shoot the videos.. the Sun was very limited so I was running to the window every time the Sun came out.. I ate, then started shooting videos.. had a txt from my mum..I phoned her in half hour, while I was speaking to her.. the sat in my room looking at the window the sky looked so beautiful.. then I opened my phone and took this pic.