7 Steps to Start a Profitable Online Business from Scratch

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Anyone can start a profitable online business by following a few steps

To start a profitable online business is something you hear frequently. Maybe you have even tried it or are about to start. Wherever you are on your journey, the bitter truth is that most people fail.

So, how come that something that seems to be relatively uncomplicated produces so many that fail? Well, the answer can be divided into three categories:

  1. Being a victim of the false and scammy promises out there, telling you that you will be rich in record time if you buy their app now.
  2. Not having a passion or more in-depth conviction that relates to the product or service promoted.
  3. Lacking a plan on how to achieve the goal. Missing the necessary education, coaching, and tools to start a profitable online business.

To not fall into the first category, you need to know what you should watch out for. In an earlier article, you can get more details about this frustrating rabbit hole, costing you money and wasting your time.

A few words about category two. Do you remember back in school as a teenager? Some subjects you were good at while others were the opposite. The good ones probably were subjects you had a personal interest in, passion, or something that triggered you to go beyond the textbooks from school. Regarding the bad subjects, you can guess what sort of interest you had.

Why should it be different when growing up and start working?... Continue reading>>

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