🌈 84 - O2 and H2O

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Monday 15 April 2019

A friend had advised me to add Custom Affinity and In-Market audience into my google ads campaigns.. Yesterday I created a new campaign with intent based keywords.. as soon as I got home from work, I had rung google for some corrections in the campaign. 

It's still learning there is no movement yet.. 

Audience - Audiences are the combination of attributes that are meaningful to our business. whats directly relevant to us, who do you think will resonate to you and your business. 

example audience are business professionals, social media enthusiasts, job searchers etc. 

3 x things I am grateful for today 

- I am grateful for the oxygen O2 I have been breathing all day today 

- I am grateful for all the H2O I consumed all day today

- I am grateful for whoever that dude who invented the cotton ear buds. 

3 x happy moments of my day 

- was happy and laughed a few times when I was at mates this evening.. 

- was happy and enjoyed the walk back home listening to Jason Mcdonalds Social Media Marketing audiobook. 

- felt happy when I ate.. 

3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my goal.. 

- Ring goolge ads

- Complete Christi's training. 

- prepare for new script. 

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