Are You A Spiritual Entrepreneur?

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Path to Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

February 2012, an audiobook named “The Secret Power” written and narrated by Rhonda Byrne came into my possession. It took me on a journey through self-development and awakening that I wasn’t aware of at the time.

I became hungry to learn more about the power of the mind, the law of attraction and the energies that exist throughout the Universe.

As I became more aware of my surroundings, unexplainable events occurred and I was really fascinated by how and why? I was curious to learn more about creation, religion, beliefs, and anything to do with the history of planet earth.

I found myself embarking on a mission of research and discovery, I wanted to know everything.

I started to read new books, the first book I brought was called “The Power of Now” written by Eckhart Tolle. I listened to audio constantly and tuned in to psychic seminars. I searched online and watched endless amounts of video content and DVDs. I am fascinated by clairvoyants, psychics, mediums and energy healers. I am intrigued by the endless amount of knowledge you can learn, and how overwhelming it can be to take too much information on board!

What I have learned so far is that nothing is what it seems to be, and never judge a book by its cover. The topic of “Spiritualism” can be a touchy subject. But I have gained an understanding to be respectful towards all religions, beliefs, and concepts about God, humanity and the world we live in.

Along my journey I came across a promising avenue that lead me to start an alternative income source, compared to your typical nine to five job.

In 2018, I and my wife joined an online training programme helping people all around the globe. They taught and gave us the tools necessary to start an online business from scratch, which allowed us to create an alternative income source working from home.

The training we were provided helped us to launch our own website. Write blogs and set up a Facebook business page. Outsource technical support plus meet and greet other members of the online community. We were coached on how to advertise and set up an auto-responder providing valuable information and content to our potential leads, and subscribers from all over the world.

There is an endless amount of training available and covers all areas of starting a successful online business, with a support team on standby 24/7. The online program covers digital and affiliate marketing with a free video workshop to start off with that will help you to learn what it’s all about.

Now, am I wrong to say that my thirst for self-development and spiritual growth lead me to manifest this online business opportunity? Or is this business concept just something that I happen to stumble upon while I was embarking on my journey?

Well, when I started the training programme and while watching one of the training modules I was asked to stop the training video and watch a movie called “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne, and to read a book called “The Power of Now” written by Eckhart Tolle.

Wow, what a coincidence? 

I sincerely believe that this opportunity is a part of my journey towards self-development and spiritual growth. If affiliate marketing doesn’t fit your appetite, then the education you will receive can help you to build upon your own business adventure, whatever that field may be?

I must forewarn you that this is NOT an overnight get rich quick scheme! It requires a lot of time, effort, study, and commitment. Some people pick it up quicker than others, some take a bit longer. And to be honest some give up and don’t quite make it all the way. But meeting successful members of this community in person solidifies my belief that this curriculum really does work!

You will need a computer/laptop and an internet connection to get started. Future financial investment if you wish to continue with the training programme. An open mind and a regular online presence to nurture your own online business.

  • What would life look like for you if you could create financial freedom?
  • Have more time to pursue the things that you are passionate about?
  • Spend more quality time with family?
  • And find out your true potential?

My motto is “I want to live a creative lifestyle and help others along the way, while making an income at the same time.” I have no doubt that this training programme works and it will help me to accomplish all that I ever dream of.

Life is not about a big house, fancy car, and how much money you have in the bank. All riches come from within, to put God first (whatever divinity you believe in?) and everything else will follow.

If you think that this opportunity could be for you?

Then please follow the link below and we will send you out the free video workshop that first got us started. At any time, you feel that maybe this isn’t for you? Please feel free to unsubscribe, and we wish you all the best in the near future.



Eugene (&Serena)

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