Debt to Digital Re-Skilling

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Why do you think so many people are in debt from an early age? So many people are craving to shake the shackles off and become financially free and geographically free.

At age 20 I put myself into Debt

In 2006 I bought a house. I had no clue what I was doing. The property market was booming and I was looking to jump on the gravy train, unfortunately for me as soon as I bought my ticket and jumped on, the train derailed….. BIG TIME!!

I learned massive lessons from this and that is all we can do from our mistakes. A few of the top lessons are: Don’t follow the crowd, follow your gut and get financially literate.

Recently I have been thinking wondering what way the traditional system is set up. Who is it set up to benefit? It is hard to think it is you or me? Being in debt from a young age isn’t much fun. In a way, it kind of turns us into slaves!

It obviously suits the banks as they are getting the interest on your debt but it also suits governments. With so many people in debt, they will have to get jobs to keep their head above water. People have to work yes but I believe this is a major contributor to why so many people are in jobs that they don’t like and even hate.

A lot of people take any job they can as long as they can pay the bills and you can’t blame them. If the bills aren’t paid they could end up in even more debt and lose the possessions they have. But don’t you think it seems all wrong?

 Luckily We are Living in a Time of Great Change.

The digital revolution is changing how we do everything. Whether you like what is happening or not it is happening. The rate of change is only going to accelerate. You can check out my video HERE giving perspective on the development of technology and how it is going to accelerate into the future.


The good part about the change is that with change comes opportunity. There is a massive opportunity for motivated people to completely transform their lives in the digital economy.

The Traditional Way is Outdated

After my harsh lesson in 2007, which I am still paying for I knew the traditional way of doing things didn’t quite suit me but it wasn’t until 2015 that I changed my direction from the traditional way. Educating myself was definitely something I needed to do and it is something I am currently doing and will continue to do.

I am educating myself on the digital economy and the reason I will always continue to this is because it is always changing which keeps things interesting. Before I found the SFM and Digital Experts Academy I knew nothing about the digital economy but as soon as I watched a few webinars of Stuart I knew in my gut this was the right place to be.

Scared and Sceptical is a Natural Reaction

Many people are scared and skeptical because it is online and it is all new to them. It is not as if it could have been passed down from their parents! But it is the future of business and I like doing things a little different nowadays because being a sheep before didn’t serve me well!

I am learning skills that I believe will be essential for the future. The SFM has opened me up to a whole new way of thinking and has changed my life.

Unlike the traditional way of doing things, you don’t have to go into debt to get started. In actual fact, you can start for free. The SFM is about empowering people by using the digital skills they teach to transform their lives in every area.

Stuart Ross is the co-founder of the SFM/DEA. He is a man with an incredible vision and one of the most authentic guys you will come across.

Check Out This Video of Stuart giving more details about himself and the SFM/DEA.

With so many people in debt, unhappy and craving for everything the traditional system doesn’t offer. Stuart Ross and the team at the SFM/DEA are a refreshing group of self-motivated people doing courageous work to help those looking to break free from the status quo and transform their lives.

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“It is better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction” Hermon Siu


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