How a growth mindset was my breakthrough

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If you haven't read one of my earlier blogs, in short: the last 4 years have been quite a struggle for me in terms of work and health. With a little help from my protesting body, I made the decision that I couldn't keep on going the way I did. Most logical solution: quit my job and find another one. OK, right.

Since the beginning of 2016, I started looking for jobs, mostly online. Nothing really hit me in the face. Sometimes when I saw an ad I thought "Mmmm, maybe....but mmmm, no...". Through connections or Linkedin, I was invited for job interviews by a couple of companies, mostly competitors of my current employer. I refused. And I didn't really know why. Now I do.....

I was afraid and insecure

I kept asking myself these questions:

  • Should I really quit my job ?
  • Am I good enough for job X ?
  • What are my capabilities?
  • What are the financial risks ?
  • Will I succeed or fail?

Exactly, the kind of questions that held me back and probably will also justify you to stay right where you are.

I know myself good enough to honestly say that I am good at my job, I am a hard and diligent worker, an honest and open person, a quick learner and a good teacher. In my work as a consultant, I coached and taught customers and colleagues with great results and positive reactions. I also enjoy learning new things myself. So, deep inside I knew that I didn't need to be afraid of anything of the above. I can learn what I don't know and get the skills I need for any job. How slowly it got to me but eventually I got that into my mind.

And as I wrote in earlier blogs. In spring 2017 I had the breakthrough that I needed so bad.

Fixed or Growth Mindset

Now, 2 months later. In the past period, I've found out what I'd missed before and started developing it: a growth mindset.  I hear you think "A what ?"..... Well, in basics....

When you're in a fixed mindset you believe that either you're good at something or you're absolutely not. In your opinion, things are what they are. Maybe you were raised with the idea that there's a limit to what you can do or achieve. You hide your shortcomings so you're not seen as a loser or a failure. We Dutch say it like this, freely translated: "If you were born for a dime, you're never gonna be a quarter".....

When you're in a growth mindset you believe that you (or anyone else) can be good at anything, because your actions, the things you really do, define your abilities and success. Your shortcomings are on your to-do list of things to improve. The sky is the limit.

Remember, the mindset itself is not fixed. You can change your mindset by thinking it through.

I saw that I can change my limiting thoughts of my old fixed mindset into positive things.

The 5 earlier questions are no questions anymore but beliefs:

  • My resignation letter will look like this
  • I am at my best working hard and doing new things
  • I can learn to be good at anything
  • There's always a plan B
  • I love challenges, I'll keep trying

As a result of my mind shift, I stepped out of my comfort zone and started my own online business. I am learning a whole bunch of new skills, I am losing bad habits and forming new habits, I meditate, I am learning more about focusing and time-framing, I'm developing my own rituals. And it feels great, it's an amazing adventure! I haven't felt this good in a very long time.

A growth mindset is an important component on your way to success but of course, there are more. I'll surely get to that in later blogs.

Thank you for reading.

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