Teens Can Pass the Next Test With Valuable Summer Activities

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Teens can find a rewarding path with a little online planning for valuable activities for personal development in online affiliate marketing. Decide to search for a learning opportunity more than an income opportunity to increase your potential and entrepreneurial skills for your future. 

Most high school students think getting a part-time job is a great way to start saving for their future!  Maybe so, but families don’t realize that at that age, valuable leaning and experience is far more valuable than hourly earnings. Educational years offers a brief ladder of opportunities for personal growth to set the future potential much higher with planning and good choices.  

Here at Nextwave we promote self education and gaining knowledge to reach success in all facets of life. We also promote income opportunities in affiliate marketing online. 


Don’t miss out.  For teens in high school and college, the summer is a vital time to further discover your talents and explore opportunities to find, develop and put new abilities to good use, regardless of pay. It really is a matter of looking online, asking around and being assertive after you learn where to look following these suggestions.    

Income activities definitely help students discover their talents and explore where they best fit, and when they match with employers with a high-fit.   We have done some research for you. One new place to start that match is a resource called vacatio http://beta.vocatio.com 

Just like prospective employers, Vocatio wants to ask you questions about your career goals and traits. You need to have a clear answer in mind for improved results after you provide your name and an email. This is a free service.  Just to be honest, we receive no income from directing you to this source. As affiliate marketers we direct motivated and dedicated people to learn to do what we do on our website www.nextwavelite.com under Meet My Mentors. 


Explore the options in funded programs to connect young people with workplace skills and employment. These opportunities may include part-time employment, internships and volunteering. You can locate community-based organizations serving your region primarily through valid websites. Try workforce or career development or the name of one of the programs below while adding a geographic name of a major nearby city.  

You really should place a geographic location in your online search, for example Fresno, near the Yosemite area where I reside. That led to the page from the Fresno Career Development Institute at  http://www.fcdiconnect.org/pathways-to-success.html On that website I learned:

"The Pathway to Success Career Collaborative includes many partners working together to leverage additional resources to enhance and sustain career technical education opportunities for adults and youth within our community. . . . Our latest project includes a partnership with 4 charter schools and multiple non-profits and businesses to offer youth job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, and employment and training opportunities to meet their career pathway goals." 

"Coaching to Care, a partner of Service Employment Redevelopment (SER) National offers unemployed and underemployed individuals the ability to discover, prepare for and obtain employment in healthcare occupations using comprehensive career enhancement software, web-based educational resources and one-on-one career coaching."

Another partner of SER, The Virtual Career Network (VCN) provides a one-stop online resource for everything to begin a career in healthcare. Granted not all locations are covered by these types of funded programs.  VCNs have been implemented by SER affiliates in San Antonio, Austin and Houston Texas; Miami, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; and Santa Fe, New Mexico. California. These sites were selected because they offer workforce services and have a performance track record in the field.

Pathways to Progress is committed to helping ages 16-24, to become career-ready. In 2017 they are set to connect 500,000 young people, to training and jobs over the next three years. Another example is Youth Workforce Fund, sponsored by America’s Promise. America's Promise Alliance is the nation’s largest cross-sector alliance of nonprofit, community organizations, businesses, and government organization dedicated to improving the lives of young people.  

Simply checking with your own county's Department of Workforce Development should direct you to a program.    Not all counties are as big and ambitious as Los Angeles where their program Youth@Work has the aim to connecting 14 to 24-year-olds to jobs with businesses and other organizations.  The program's plans include placing 20,000 youth in growing industries, such as construction and health care with the help of Federal and state money. 


Even without the help of a program, entry level positions in fast food, sales, health and construction, or general office help for the summer can be located in websites like monster.com if you localize your search successfully.   Certain classes of jobs will be out of reach for teens, since employers are more likely to hire adults due to age and certification requirements.  High on this list are Class A drivers, finance and accounting, cooks and food handlers, delivery drivers, call centers, warehouse worker and shipping.  

Competing in job market interviews against other teens and adults is a challenge.  Areas that bring the best hiring results include any past employment or experience demonstrating work ethic, attendance and grooming.  Learn to dress in a way that shows respect for the employer and clients, even by minimizing the appearance of tattoos.  Full sleeve tatoos may have to be covered.  Facial tatoos were found unacceptable by employers in most jobs involving contact with the public.  

The next deciding factor for hiring rests on resumes and cover letters. Keep in mind the experience you desire and your own career goals to learn may be more important than the lack of employment. Then incorporate those key words into your objective statement in your resume and repeat those points specifically in your cover letter written for each employer.  So start early, giving yourself plenty of time to revise and rework it until it looks perfect.  Of course, it is important to provide the contact names and addresses of past experiences whether paid or volunteer. 

Understand the value of talking to any potential employers about part-time or unpaid opportunities they might have.  You might even be able to connect to employers in career fairs found online.  By choice, I worked two consecutive summers at Universal Studios Hollywood and learned pyrotechnics and two other summers at a resort near Yosemite working security patrols. During the rest of the year I was able to get by as a paid extra on a few television shows and one movie. Those were fun times to play, socialize and observe, knowing the income would come later. Remember, you are searching for a learning opportunity more than an income opportunity to increase your potential and entrepreneurial skills in your future. 


Within the wide world of community service there are supervisors who would be delighted to have a teen at the local animal shelter or teen helpers at the library.  Simply volunteering at a private business like a vet’s office might turn into a paying job.  My college-aged cousin just got a position in a kennel, doing all the animal care responsibilities with salary and on-site apartment included, just for the summer.  Sanctuaries for birds and other wildlife along with museums have support groups that are looking for teens to help either observe animals or help out at their facilities. Seek an opportunity volunteering at the local fire station.  You can offer to start off washing the fire trucks. Just keep contacting those groups until you find an unforgettable opportunity in your community.  

Of course self employment or family supported employment is always a possibility.   Pet setting business is great too.  A lot of people are traveling and need a place for those pets. In a future blog I will share all the necessary steps with state and county regulations for starting a Pet Sitting Business in your locale.  Perhaps you can take a family hobby and start a business.  My summer business started when I became a distributor for a large kite company and my family helped me sell kites at festivals all summer when I was 15.  


Activities do not need to be paid employment or even volunteer experiences outside of the home.  Sit down with your teen weeks ahead and write down 10 to 20 fun summer ideas before their boredom hits and nothing sounds appealing to them.  Think of places where other teens will be found in a supervised setting.  Activities might include going to facilities for indoor rock climbing or trampoline gyms that allow your teen to let off some steam.

Resources are abundant online for pastime treasures such as discovering a curated summer collections of books for your eager readers.  Recommended books usually have a redemptive story line geared to teens for recreational reading. It is common knowledge to ask a librarian.  I know a librarian who went to the local junior high and high school to speak in classrooms about the joys of summer reading and 256 students came to the county library that same day to sign up for the summer reading program.  

Retail specialty shops might offer classes in ceramics, gardening, or woodworking, even leather working too.  If those are not found in your area, the supplies can by purchased online as kits and YouTube training is abundant in crafts and other endeavors.   One favorite kit that should easily engage teens is the Academy Da Vinci Series.  Find a way to teach others and that pursuit can be listed on your resume.

If you find tourist areas near you, you will find beginner photography or video workshops even if not specifically geared toward teens.  Then plan to look for a job as an assistant to a commercial photographer and learn video production or photography on your own.  I provide a free PDF guide for 5 tips for shooting awesome video with a smart phone on our website www.nextwavelite.com 


Try your hand at make amusing and interesting videos. Hike and explore and come home with photographs. Then you can practice photo editing or graphic design.  It takes time to learn to code, but the payoff is awesome when you can build your own website.   Learn online at Lynda.com.

Success comes when you are explicitly clear on why you’re doing your goals.  You migh choose a goal of making friends and/or contacts who can help you later.  On your own you might have the goal to build specific skills,  You can start to write or blog.  Search online to read and learn about new places and things.  Again, they aren’t mutually exclusive, but you should consciously lay out those goals now for each month.

Without goals and plans our biggest decisions are often arbitrary, unconscious, ill-informed or short-lived. You might feel stumped about serious goals and future plans. Of course questions like 'What Do We Value and Who Do We Want to Be?' are important points that matter. But if the goal is finding direction, asking 'What should I do with my life?' won’t help. It’s impossible to answer, anxiety-inducing and paralyzing.

Many say “the way to improve the quality of life is not primarily through thinking, but through doing.” Skipping the heavy soul searching questions and getting started by looking for the most convenient and accessible opportunities. Don't feel isolated or without the chance to change your circumstances because in today's world connections are everywhere. 

Social media has plenty of examples of projects you can stage as an instructional video to share on you-tube just for the feeling of accomplishment while producing an artistic creation.  Remember they need to be unique and have a wow factor to hold the attention of viewers.  My favorites include 1) Copying a Weather Forecasting Stone made by hanging stone on a wire in front of a large painted sign on a outside wall; 2) Painting a wood block with gun powder then burn the top of wood bock with match starting at one corner and it will follow the path of the gun powder.  Trace the outline of an owl or other image of your choice; 3) Building solar powered lantern on painted ceramic pots stacked to look like a garden light house. With your own artistic creations or useful objects you can learn entrepreneurial skills like marketing and building customer lists in an online community.  

We hope you appreciate these important tips on advocating for yourself while gaining personal growth as a teen.  At Nextwave, we are committed to self education to promote your own economic interests while bringing you opportunities to increase your income through affiliate marketing online. To understand what affiliate marketing can mean in your life in terms of freedom and flexibility, learn more on our website www.nextwavelite.com under Meet my Mentors.  


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