When To Quit. The 'Health Foods' That Are Killing You. The Power Of Perspective

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So, this is what's up.

I learn a lot every week, and I have my go to podcasts, videos & books that I get my information from aswell as some new sources I find most weeks.

One of the podcasts I listen to is The Tim Ferris Show. He sends out an e-mail every Friday to his subscribers telling them what he's learnt in the week and where he learnt it.

Now, I've decided that i'm going to try and consistently do the same for YOU!​​​​​​​



Why Monday? Well believe it or not i've given a little thought to it. Because I know that Mondays can be depressing and a chore and I want to give you a head start on beggining your week in the best mindset, energy and way possible so you can ANNIHILATE the rest of your week.

It can be anything from health, nutrition, fitness to marketing, mindset, relationships to music or meditation.

ANYTHING I know will be of value and benfit to you, your purpose, your health and yourhappiness, I am going to share with you.

At the very least you can have some exciting things to get into in your week if you're bored of watching Netflix, and i'll do all the finding for you. I got you!

This is what i've got for you this week:

What i'm learning -
The Tim Ferris Show < CLICK - I learnt 'When to quit and when to carry on'

What i'm experimenting with -
Dr Steven Gundry <CLICK - I first found Steven Gundry on The School  Of Greatness <CLICK podcast and i've since bought his book and supplements to start integrating what i've learnt into my diet. LIFE CHANGING

What i'm listening to -
Miguel -Sky Walker <CLICK - Had this on repeat

Meditation Message <CLICK - Stand out lessons that have actualised themselves through my journey

Have a wonderful week!


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