A Source for Us

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A Source for Us

The internet is a vast source of information and opportunity.  Many experience financial freedom by tapping into the various opportunities for generating money.  Six Figure Mentors offers training to be an internet entrepreneur.  Now if you are like me, not highly proficient with a computer, this may seem daunting, however, the training they offer makes this opportunity available to anyone.  The company offers consistent support for the technical and encourages personal growth to acquire the mindset.  So, if you want the experience of being financially free and are willing to learn, click on the link below.

Applying My Spirituality

Growing in awareness is learning as is learning technical skills.  Letting our Source assist us means actively engaging both.  Thanks to Esther "Abraham" Hicks we're offered the point of view that what we feel in the moment sheds light on what we believe.  Growing up I learned that what was outside me caused what I felt, which at times left me feeling powerless.  Realizing I have choice about what I believe feels powerful.  For example, I'm learning technical information and have found myself feeling/believing this is hard and difficult.  So I broadened the thought, learning a lot of technical information is hard.  Then, a lot of technical information can be learned in small pieces.  I can find one small piece of technical info to learn.  I can ask for help in learning this technical info.  I can learn this technical information, a thought that feels more empowering.  Applying this technical "know how" leads to earning using SFM's proven process.  This is how I let Source assist my learning and earning.

How to make your first 10K online!

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