Action Is The Foundational Key To All Success

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We all have to agree with the obvious reality that action is the foundational key to all success but countless people constantly forget such clever advice. We know it is the best answer, and yet most of us are holding ourselves back from doing what it takes. So what stops us from taking action?

Why are so many of us just hearing these words of wisdom but not acting on them?

The heartbreaking truth is that it requires time, and a lot of it. It also takes solid focus, strong determination, unbreakable dedication, undeniable commitment to keep on for hours, days and even years. Another huge factor that stops people from taking action is to get the courage and willpower to change and grow.

Thoughts and ideas are great but they are just thoughts and ideas. They will not be created out of the blue. There is a myriad of individuals out there who have brilliant ideas but lack will and consistency. They just do not feel like repeating the same actions day in and day out without seeing immediate results.

However, these deeds are absolutely necessary and are the foundational key if one wants to succeed. Another thing one must do is to cultivate a winning mindset that will help them in all aspects of life.

When it comes down to it, there are only three kinds of people in this world: There are people who make things happen. Then there are people who watch things happen. Lastly, there are people who ask, what happened?

Which of these three do you want to be?

The Only Thing Holding You Back

You should realize that you are the only thing holding you back. You have to keep believing in the beauty of your dreams but you have also take action to ensure that they will materialize. You have to make it happen for yourself, and not watch the world go by so as to live with regrets in the end.

It is very hard of course to be consistent and make things work when you do not feel in the mood or when you are unhappy in your life. But in order for anything to be efficient, mastered and successful you should recognize that action is the primary key.

You have to challenge yourself and be accountable to actually act by creating plans, starting and doing. All is possible if you put your mind into it. The elementary key, laws and principles of all success work for anyone that has the audacity to proceed, take the necessary actions and use them each day. Keep in mind that challenges keep you on your toes and help you progress in the right direction.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

The Need to Make Changes

Do you have ideas and goals in your life? So why you didn’t yet achieved a fraction of what you want to accomplish? Why was action not taken?

Look around you and you can see success in many places. You cannot understand why they are successful and you are not. You may have tried one or two business ideas and it did not happen. You might be an expert in your field, but somehow, nobody got to see or recognized it, so your ideas never moved forward.

We often apprehend making changes as it always bring us back to begin something new and that we are not good at yet. We are in a hurry to reach mastery. But there is a starting point for everyone! You just have to understand that you are improving yourself to get a better life.

You need to trust and believe that you can because with hard work, consistency and practice, anything is possible. The great Gary Vaynerchuk is a big fan of doing by repeating things over and over, and his rules for success are the use of one fundamental key which is action. It is totally impossible to improve without practicing.

The First Step Forward

Action is always the main ingredient. You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and realize that just daydreaming about a great life is not going to get you there. You need to move forward! Choose what steps to act on and what things you have to put on the back-burner.

You should remind yourself that success is not an obligation but a choice you make. When you are disappointed or annoyed that you do not achieve the goals you set for yourself, make a shift and use words like “I want” rather than “I have to.”

Following this, realize that your first step forward is the most significant one because motion is the foundational answer you need to be successful. Once you begin by taking a step, it is not as hard to keep moving. The most challenging part is the first action, the first step forward.

Day by day, your actions will shape and create momentum, and in time, with patience and diligence you will achieve your goals. It is only when you begin to get away from the shore that you can adjust your sails to move in the right direction.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

Time to Take Action

The time to take action is now, whatever dreams or ideas you have. There are no more excuses for not taking action right now. It is the moment to get proactive. Even if you suck, just start, because when you begin, you immediately create motion.

I have not made a huge name for myself in my niche yet but if you look at my first blog post, you can see the difference. So what you should do is take action towards your future goals. Whatever niche or industry you are trying to pursue, the only way to succeed at it is to begin somewhere.

You may feel tired now, but what makes you think you will be more ready in three or six months. You will then have even more excuses. If you want to start, begin right way. You have to try, learn from mistakes and keep adjusting.

Go ahead and take your first step, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. If need be, keep your day job while learning, taking action and doing. Information is not endless; it is just your willingness to take it and do something with it that is.

Starting and imperfection are the first keys to all success. All successful people know this. Do not sit back and let things happen to you. The only way to make things happen is to go out and make them happen.

Some Tips to Start a Successful Life

  • Take massive action by seeking your personal skills, experiences and knowledge, and then use these to create revenue with your own online or offline business.
  • Decide to begin, create or do something and stick to it.
  • Start an online business involves working from anywhere and enables you to sell advice, knowledge, software or any kind of products, even those that are not yours.
  • Get up thirty minutes to an hour earlier every morning and begin to take action.
  • Be the only one who can dictate or limit what you can do with your life.
  • Take steps each day to reach your goals, no matter how small they are.
  • Invest in your self-education. If you do not know how to create or do something, get a course.
  • Take time to sit somewhere quiet and be silent for 15 minutes.
  • Make plans, write them down, and force yourself to move forward.
  • Take time off at times so you do not get burned out.
  • Follow your heart.

Statistics say that you are much more likely to achieve something if you tell other people about it. Choose the right person because you can promise your spouse or partner that you will take action but in the end, it usually does not happen. On the other hand, if you do commit to a coach or a consultant your chances get higher.

Unless you take big action, nothing is going to happen. So be bold. Value your own opinion. Action is truly the initial key that starts all successes, big or small, and therefore the answer you are looking for is to move towards your ideas, goals and dreams for things to happen in your life.


Sergei VanBellinghen, Founder & CEO of First-Class Lifestyle, currently a Self-Improvement & Success Expert Consultant, using self-development techniques to help you succeed and have a better life. Visit my website at

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