Are You Afraid Of Money?

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Millions and millions of people the world over dream of becoming rich. They dream of winning the lottery or landing the dream job, having a beautiful home and enjoying the freedom that comes with having money.

So why do they constantly fail at being rich? They manage to make enough to just about pay their bills, but something stops them from moving on and building the fortune they dream of. 

When they think they're getting ahead, something always pulls them back and stops them from moving on.

Why is that? Why don't they get the "luck" that the likes of Richard Branson has?

Well, maybe it's not luck. Many studies have shown time and again that the rich thinkers will always be rich and the poor thinkers will always be poor. 

So, which are you?

What's Your Relationship With Money?

So, let's assume you want to be rich. What's been stopping you? Was it lack of opportunity, resources or just plain bad luck?

The brutal truth is it's none of these things.

Many people focus on what they don't have. What they lack. They worry about bills coming in. They worry about never having enough money. They worry about never being happy.

Well guess what. This is only attracting those worries to you. What you focus on you get more of.


Also, many people have bad associations with money in their unconcious mind. They may have been told as a kid that money is the root of all evil, that money turns you bad, that people like them will never become rich, they'll never amount to anything. They may try to reject this consciously, but their unconscious mind is always on hand to sabotage their efforts. It's been programmed that way.

A study was taken about the psychology of wealth where a group of people were taken through a scenario:

You've been shortlisted for a job you are well qualified for. The first interview had gone well and you've made it to the last five for the job. Just before you go in for the final interview you discover that the salary is not what you thought - it has an extra zero on it.

Basically, if you thought the job paid £40,000 it's actually ten times that amount. It really pays £400,000.

How would you feel now as you're just about to enter that room and face the interview panel?

For most people in the study they suddenly felt an anxiety and unworthiness about going in. They were overwhelmed and a number of them wouldn't even consider going in for the final interview.

The simple conclusion to this is that the salary was suddenly way outside their comfort zone. Their unconscious mind had set an upper limit on what was ok for them to earn and anything outside that would trigger a "self protect" reaction. 

Their unconscious mind was programmed to think poor.

How To Think Rich


Always remember that you're mind is like a computer. If you don't change how it's programmed then your past will always be a prediction of your future.

As mentioned earlier, poor thinkers concentrate their unconscious mind on the negative things currently in their lives, negative aspects of money and therefore create a negative reaction to it. 

Rich thinkers do the opposite. They focus on what they already have and create opportunity to make more and more of it.

You are already rich in so many ways. Make a list of simple things that bring a smile to your face throughout your typical day. It could be anything like going for a walk, reading a book, watching the sunset, listening to the rain, looking at the moon or being with loved ones.

Realising where you are already rich is the very beginning in the path to reprogramming your mind and becoming a rich thinker.

Once again, what you focus on you get more of. 

Scientists, particularly quantum physicists, hold a theory that our thoughts work like magnets and what we focus on becomes attracted to us. We attract and repel things all the time. This law of attraction is controlled by what we put out into the world.

Picture yourself in a year's time. Where do you want to be, how much money would you like to have, what sort of home do you live in, how happy are you?

It's time to start reprogramming your unconscious mind.

Making Money For Life

As you begin to reprogram your mind you'll start to see more opportunity in everything you do.

You'll see how the rich became rich and start to understand it wasn't luck. It was all about their mindset and how this opened them up to opportunity.

You'll find the key to:

  • making money at something you love and are passionate about
  • how to give value to everyone
  • how to be rich in more than just monetary terms
  • how to leverage your time and start earning money while you sleep
  • how to become financially self sufficient for life

Now Where Do I Start?

If you really want to change your life and become richer it all starts from inside you. You have the key to unlock all your potential. You just need someone to show you how.

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Don't waste another day.

Start thinking rich.

Here's to your success!


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