Are you living your life to the fullest?

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Imagine that you had the choice (and believe me, you do), would you consciously choose to tiptoe through life instead of living it to the fullest?

Answer this question for yourself. This could be your wake-up call, it sure woke me up! If you are open-minded, if you want more out of life, and you are ready for change, read on and find out if the next quote applies to you. 

“Most of us tiptoe through life in order to make it safely to death”. 
             – Theodore Roosevelt (32nd President of the USA)

 Our mutual paradigm

Most of us were raised with the idea to live our life in a certain ‘frame’. Act normal, don’t take risks, study hard to get a good job, work hard to earn your money, save money for a rainy day, for the education of your kids, for when the washing machine stops, or the TV, or your car, for later when you retire. Don’t get in trouble. Like a sort of ‘brainwash’, you take this fears and beliefs with you, into your adult life.

Of course, there are exceptions, but for most people, life is no more than trying to survive, don’t stick your head out, and follow the rules.

No one is to blame for all this, it’s just the way our system works nowadays. You are most likely to live your life as a copy of your examples, those who are near you, mostly family.

For many of us, that’s reality. We follow the usual, expected sequence: school, military draft, work, marriage, kids, mortgage…. Oops, and then what? For a lot of people the list ends here, I think. Or at least it will take some extra thinking to find the next item. Let’s say… retirement… Really? No other milestones or goals to achieve than that? But between retirement and the last one on my list, mortgage, is a huge gap, that’s a looong time! And that’s, in my opinion, exactly where a lot of people keep running in circles: tiptoeing through life! Never doing anything out of the ordinary, even if it could mean an upgrade for their life!

Gaining insight

Earlier this year, forced by my health, I had to decide how I would change my life. Physically, I was no longer able to work long hours and commute every day. I started my own online business because that opens ways for me to create a new income and build a completely different, fulfilling, free and fun life.

In this new phase, I suddenly realized all these things about being stuck and limiting beliefs. Before that time, I didn’t think about it at all. But due to my physical situation, I was forced to start thinking out-of-the box. Get out of my comfort zone. And that’s when I discovered that, ooooh yes, I was a very good tiptoer myself. J

I took an educational/entrepreneurial path, where I learned some things about the amount of influence that your surroundings can have on you. When you do things differently, people’s reaction can go from defensive (fear?), negative (jealousy?), angry(insecurity?) to rejective (offended?). And I can understand that. I would probably have reacted the same way when someone close to me told me about a 180 degrees turn in life, totally different than mine!

This could be why people choose to stay where they are, instead of changing their life. Just to prevent criticism and negative feedback from their surroundings. If that is true then the question arises, “Are they living their life or are they living their fears?”.

“Don’t tell the world what you’re going to do, show them!”.
                   – Napoleon Hill (author Think And Grow Rich)

Applying this in my life saves me a lot of BS.


I discovered that I lived an unconscious life. I was not aware of my own capabilities to take control of my life and change direction. But now I have, and I no longer let other people’s opinion determine how my life should look like, and what choices I should make.

I’ve taken a big risk (old belief J) by embarking on a journey that can only come to a good end when I put in the effort. When I do the work, commit myself 100%, study, implement, share, be of value, invest in myself and my state of mind. But I have no doubts that I will succeed! My belief is so strong that I can visualize myself as being who I want to become.

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