Are You Really Going To Wait Until Tomorrow?

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Have you ever been faced with procrastination? Is this holding you back from your goals?

Most of us at some point have procrastinated to some degree, now if its once in a blue moon, don't be to hard on yourself, yet don't leave it either! However, if this is playing a Daily, Weekly or Monthly lead weight in your life, perhaps its time to tackle it!   

Coming from a very highly task driven background (work and personal) i have gathered some simple top tips along the last 20 years that i use myself to ensure i get through my daily tasks productively. Hope these may be of some use to you too. 

1. Make A list
If you list out your tasks, firstly this is a great way to ensure you don't leave anything out. Once you have completed a task - TICK IT OFF, this is so satisfying :). Put the list somewhere that you are going to see it throughout the day, and just as an added incentive commit your list to someone else (powerful self motivation using this method)

2. Prioritise The List
Low, High, Urgent... Tackle the urgent priority first. It's also sometimes worth getting that task that you really don't won't to do out of the way first! By breaking down the task's into a smaller bite size priority list this will be less overwhelming. You will be amazed how quickly you will get through the list with this tip alone.

3. Whats The Reward?
Keep in mind when you are completing your task's, when you're slowing down remember the reason why the task was important in the first place.

4. The Finish Line
Give yourself a realistic deadline when you are going to complete the task. This will ensure you are keeping on track to finish the task in hand, so you can move to the next.

5. Delegate, don't abdicate 
Even if you don't have a 1000 strong team behind you, keep a watchful eye on who is best placed to complete the task. Just remember though its your task, which means its your responsibility that its completed! 

6. Prep, Prep And Just A Little More Prep
Make sure you have as much information on hand at the start of the process, this will mean that you won't have to stop the task midway through once you get momentum!

7. Distractions Can Be The End Of Progress To A Great Task
Phones, Emails, TV, Partners, Kids, Pets... unfortunately even with best intentions these all play a role in delaying your getting your task completed. Make sure you book a timeout for your task, this is your time to work on the task, and nothing else!

8. Tomorrow Is A Good Day... Are You Serious? ;)
It's only yourself who you are cheating! Just get on with the task, remember if it wasn't important you wouldn't have had it on your list in the first place! Start Today, Tomorrow is always going to be tomorrow!

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