Be Grateful to a Veteran for your Freedom

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Our friend Ken just turned 94 on the 6th of November and he is still in good health and active.

Back in 1942 when Ken was 19 years old he decided with his parents permission to enlist in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

He wanted to be part of the military during the time of war to be patriotic to his country.


After enlisting he received flight training and soloed after only 10 hours of instruction. The training was fast and furious as pilots were desperately needed in the war effort.

During his time in England and Wales flying Spitfires, his job was to fly over enemy territory and take photographs of enemy installations, to be used in identifing bombing sites for the Allied Bomber Squadrons.

Most of the pilots were around the same age, young starry eyed boys who became men very quickly.

After nearly 70 years Ken found 5 of the men he served with and brought them together for a reunion at his home.

"As we sat and talked, the years disappeared and it was just as though we were back in our teens.

We talked about flying our spitfires and the missions we flew and about how lucky we were to have made it home.

Some of their brothers in arms did not make it home".


Kens older brother died in a bombing raid over Germany.

Ken was awarded the following medals, Voluntary Service Medal,The France and German Star, The Defence medal and the King George Medal which he still proudly wears every Vetrans Day.

Ken just turned 94 Nov. 6th/2017 still playing a good game of Golf and skiing in the winters.

Although being to young to actually fly in combat in the Battle of Britain he takes every opportunity to attend airshows to get the opportunity to see a spitfire in flight.

We owe a lot to our Veterans  who fought so we can enjoy the FREEDOM we have today.

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