Brave New World

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  In today’s day and age, the world is a changing, whether it is the way people think about the world or the newly acceptable concepts that would in the past be appalled by our grandparents and their parents before them. One thing is for sure that with the invention of the internet the way information and ideas are spread out across the world and the amount of free information now accessible to everyone is astonishing but just as with everything it takes time for the ideas and the new way of doing things to spread out and gain recognition with the people to become implemented into a useful and practical way for everyone to use and understand.


Before the ideal lifestyle of the previous generation and our way of life was to do the normal thing, work all day come home to have a few hours to yourself to do what you to want with friends and family or by yourself was up to you, then it was off to sleep and gain as much rest as possible to function the next day to go back to work and do it all over again.

With the internet now nearly accessible anywhere and everywhere to anyone with a gadget capable of accessing WiFi. You can now access this repository of information and communications array to do whatever it is you need. whether it be to contact anyone you need too for whatever reason it is, work or personal.

It is this concept that puts the old way of doing things in jeopardy of becoming obsolete. Therefore the traditional  9 to 5 work concept is becoming a thing of the past and the digital economy is swiftly growing at a substantial rate and accessing this Digital Boom and all the opportunities that weren’t there originally there are becoming easier than ever. which is ideal for today’s “quick and easy” mindset.


The Digital lifestyle is becoming my ideal lifestyle type. Now when I say digital lifestyle I’m of course talking about a purely online business and online interactions all from the comfort of your own home. Those of us with kids I’m sure for you, like for me is nothing more than a dream come true. Because nobody likes to be away from home so much and for so long doing something that doesn’t fulfill them and being apart from the youngin’s means you are also being apart from the precious moments in the growth and development of your kids.  Starting a business online is becoming more and more possible than ever before.

I guess the real question is that you need to ask yourself, Do u want to be part of this new digital economy or do you want to be left behind in the old age old world way of living?

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