Can I quadruple my income working 1/4 of the time?

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That’s an awesome question… Who doesn’t want that?
Earn a good income, work less, no more 9-to-5, have freedom

In fact, a lot of people do it, and earn a 6 or 7 figure income.
No tricks. No scams.
It’s about working smart instead of hard.
And you have to be ready.

Time = money

In your job you change your time for money, right? Or maybe you are your own boss, working your ass off just to pay the bills. Either way, it’s hard to create a much bigger income. If you don’t work you don’t get paid. If you want to earn more you have to work more. But there’s only so much time and just one of you, so it’s just not possible.

But there are other ways… If you are ready.


Yes. To become successful in anything, you have to be ready.

Compare it with sports… You don’t win a game or a race without preparation. There’s work to do, physical and mental training. Athletes often invest years to get ready for that one big win. 
And not only physically. They also cultivate an extremely positive mindset.
In their mind the perfect race was already won a thousand times!

It’s that simple. You want success? Then prepare and get ready.

Invest in yourself and your future. Learn the skills you need. Surround yourself with positive people and work on your own personal development. Learn and implement.

9-to-5 Job or Entrepreneur?

Like I said, a traditional 9-to-5 job will probably not bring you the results you want.
Do you have successful (and happy) people around you? Are they in a normal job?

Probably not… Most successful people don’t change their time for money like we do. Think about musicians, writers, actors. That kind of people. They use their talents and skills in a different way.

They produce a ‘product’. Often with hard work, that’s true. Without that product there is no income. But when the product is finished and it’s good enough then all limits are off. An international book, record or movie makes tons of money while they sleep. The artist, producers, distributors and a lot of other people earn an income out of this one product. While doing something else…

A similar situation can be seen with successful entrepreneurs.  They have an idea and go for it. If it’s successful they often open more shops, create related products, whatever. They work very hard; let’s say 10 hours a day. But in that same 10 hours their income grows exponentially with the expansion of the business.

In my opinion, entrepreneurship is the key to success. Unless you have special talents as a singer.   

Cliché: starting a business is expensive

Let’s get rid of this cliché right now…

For most people business means a brick-and-mortar shop or office. Personnel, inventory, all kinds of overhead causing you to be in debt over your ears before earning 1 dollar. Wrong, old school!

In the Digital Economy business is done online, on the internet. On Facebook, Google, Instagram and YouTube. And it’s all very new so the opportunities are huge!

Starting up an online business is not expensive. You don’t need big investments to get started. Hosting a website is cheap and you can build the website yourself. And if it’s too hard, you can outsource. Lots of builders on the web to pick from, and it won’t cost you the world.

Instead of investing in all those old-school business things: invest in yourself to get ready!

The secret

Image yourself being a digital entrepreneur in online marketing… Sounds good! 

We’re getting there. The key, the secret… Here it is:


Just one word. Can it be that simple? Yes, it can!

A large chunk of an online marketing business can run on automated systems. Advertising campaigns running silently on different platforms. Email auto-responders handling the follow-up etc.

And when it’s automated it can be duplicated.
So don’t try to duplicate yourself, work smart instead of hard.

Let’s say you set up a well-running marketing campaign, and it brings you good revenues. 
Of course you keep your hands of that, and don’t disturb it. Duplicate it!
The new campaign can be targeted to a different audience, to see if it works too.
When the second campaign also runs well, it’s time to duplicate that.
And so on, and so on.  

A campaign that runs well needs some monitoring, no doubt.
But you can spend most of your time on new success ideas.
The more campaigns you run, the more hours you’ll need.
But your income will grow exponentially with it.

The balance between working hours and income is totally in your hands.

Six Figure Mentors

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Speak of surrounding yourself with positive people…

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