Friends,the definition of freedom may not be what you thought it was…

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What is exactly is freedom to you? How do you define how free you truly are?

This may seem like an obvious truth to some of us, '' I'm not in prison or living in country with an oppresive regime in power'' Fair enough, a valid enough statement. Freedom as a word and concept may conjure up emotive ideas such as political leaders imprisoned or memories of one of the worlds many past tyrants.

The dictionary gives meaning such as ''the power to act, think or speak as one wants'' or ''absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government'' as the first two definitions given.

My own favourite-the third defintion provided  ''the power of self-determination attributed to the will, the quality of being independent of fate or necessity.'' Wow, bingo.

Thats what I've longed for all this time. That gnawing longing at the back of my mind, the worry of debt, a big bill, being moved around by my employers and the powers that be. I certainly was not independent of necessity as described. Clinging onto my job riddled with financial insecurity. Grudgingly and depressingly trudging along month by month to pay that itty bitty next installment on the never ending life accepted by many of us, imposed by a consumer driven society. Left drained wondering what on earth is this elusive happiness you hear banded about?

No more. I'm working my way out of this and freedom is the goal. To be truly independent. There is no number or price tag, in terms of monetary value-enough is more than sufficient. Enough to buy the house, clear the debt and buy the car. Purpose driven focus at a new ideal of hope, positivity and freedom. The freedom to wander this beautiful planet and marvel at it, jump in the ocean, walk through the forest or climb the mountain.

So ask yourself.. are you truly free?

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