Have you set your goal?

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Have you set your goal for your life?

Do you have a Roadmap? Are you checking it now and then, and upgrade it? 

I think that our goals in life are something you have to really look at now and then. What goal do I really have in my life, relationship, work, and family life? And how can I achieve it and most of all,
Am I On The Right Road?!?

It is really easy to just follow the stream. You have your job, and the goal is a pay raise. And when you get it, it is to buy something. Maybe a new car, or renovate the kitchen or buy a bigger house. And then your goal is a new pay raise, and new things to buy and so on. 
A person told me that he and his wife once a year took 3 days away from everything and spent the days planning their coming year. Long terms and short terms. What was their goal for their life and relationship during the year, and How could they achieve this. At work you have your Teambuilding days, but never at home with your family! And they changed that. They made the Roadmap for themselves. 

If you set up a goal and the roadmap, it is very much more likely that you achieve it. If you just follow the stream, you go where ever everybody else goes. Is that your goal, then fine!

I also think that you have to upgrade it

Just like the couple that set 3 days to this every year. Because things can change during the year, and your focus, wishes, and dreams can change. And instead of doing the same, and think that your partner still wants the same, you check it up. When you really set days off for this, then you also force yourself to think of what YOU really want to achieve. And the thinking is good! That's the whole thing, to really think it over. Last year your goal was to buy a big car, and now you changed because you realize that a smaller car gives you money left to other things. Upgrade your list, your goals and the roadmap.

And really, I think this is good for the relationship, to really talk about your dreams, goals, wishes and desires. 

As an Affiliate Marketer, I upgrade often

I have my one year-goal set, but I also learn a lot, so I get more and more interested in other parts of Online Business. And I learn about them and decide whether to get into a new business form or to remain on my path. But the ground still is there in my One Year Goal. That won´t change. And after a year I will decide what direction I will go for the next year. A new roadmap, maybe new goals. Of course, I will still be an Affiliate Marketer because that is not just a One Year thing. It is my Online Business, and I don´t have any reason to quit that, but I can set new goals in the area. 

Do you follow the stream? 


We are told to educate, to get a good job, to work for pay raise, and have a life with happiness and work. Are you following that stream? Is that the ideal happiness? Is it your happiness? Is it nice to work more in your life than you have time for yourself? 

If you go the same way as you always do, you won´t get to a new goal. 

But if you think of your goal, and set the roadmap up, then you can reach whatever you want! The sky! And it has no limits!

But it is easy to follow the stream, to do what everybody else does. Enough happy....is that good? Well, I don't think so, I think that all of us should have a nice goal, nice for you, nice for me, not for everybody else. A personal goal. Something to achieve. More Free Time, More Time with the Family. More travels. More gardening. More Money. Less work. More Work Out. More of what You Love! 

Are you brave enough to go your own way? 


Then you can reach your goal. Then you can set the Roadmap. Then you Will Find Your Way to the Dream! Many people are looking for More Time. More time gives the chances to do fun things. And of course, you still want your money. And as an Affiliate Marketer or Online Business Entrepreneur, you can have it. 

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