How Motivational Songs Affect Your Performance

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Motivational songs represent the crucial adrenaline for your body

It’s a tremendous race with music along the route with the runners' motivational songs pumping up people like balloons. Three days ago I ran an interesting 15k race sponsored by a movie company.

Every kilometer you could find incredible scenarios of newly released films. Animated figures are moving around making a lot of noise. Also, many different musical groups are performing. You could easily see how some people got more motivated than others. Could it be their particular motivational songs playing?

The race goes on, and when 6k left to the finish line, I feel how the energy starts to drain out. Every step feels more burdensome, and much extra effort is needed to keep up the pace.

Suddenly, the sound of a well-known song from the 70ths is getting louder for each step. It’s the famous Queen song “Don’t stop me now”fantastically performed by local musicians.

Without even being aware of it, the heavy steps do not exist anymore, and the last 6k to the finish line become the fastest kilometers throughout the whole race.

What happened?

Can motivational songs have such an influence that it even can override the signals of fatigue?

Dr. Costas Karageorghis made one of the most exciting investigations about the effect of music and motivational songs in the U.K. Diving into his research gives you such an aha-ha kick, and you will never again ignore music as an essential tool in any activity where you would like to improve your performance.

Music is powerful and can improve your health.

What Motivational Songs To Use



Multiple studies showing that music has an endless number of positive effects. In spite of all different researchers on the topic, there is one thing all investigations have in common. Your brain reacts to music in one way or another.

In many of my articles, I compare athletism and entrepreneurship, and there are astonish synergies between the two activities. Nevertheless, we are no machines but real ordinary human beings. Music is an excellent way of keeping the spirit on top and help out when things are hard.

The motivational songs vary from person to person and also depend on the situation.

“The music gives me a rhythm that fits in with my record pace.”

Haile Gebrselassie (double Olympic 10,000 meters champion)

Haile Gebrselassie's statement is one way of viewing it. Every person and every situation is an entirely new case separated from any other case.


Figure out yourself what fits you. Not necessarily it has to be the song that you for any reason like more than any other. Of course,  you must like the song, but to be motivational songs you need to find out if it's any particular rhythm or mode you are searching for.

“Don’t stop me now” that triggered me tremendously on this last race I was doing, was a perfect fit for that particular occasion. While working late hours with my business, I usually find an ideal working harmony by listening to soft midnight jazz.

Start today to experiment with music, and you will find an exciting tool boosting your activity.

Motivational Songs Work Like Glue For Your Passions

Since the start of my marathon training, and later adding my online affiliate marketing to the arsenal of passionate activities, music is more important than ever.

Sometimes you need to pump yourself up in your training, and with the right motivational songs in the earphones, it always goes the right way. In the same way, you need energy kicks to keep up the work in your business. Music always helps.

Beleive it or not but there are studies saying that musicians are healthier than average people.

The music supports and inspires you to make a good performance in both areas. Try for free the same online system I am doing, and you will probably also find tour path to the perfect balance between your passions in life.

Click the banner below and give it a try…but do it with music!



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