How to boot your law of attraction techniques

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How to boot your law of attraction techniques


Everything around you started with a thought

Someone sat at a desk or on a bus had a thought of what if moment and came up with an idea

Then they put that idea into action and made a new thing … maybe it’s the phone you are reading this on …. Or the mouse at your laptop… or the cloths you are wearing …. Someone somewhere had a thought & made that thought into a thing

And you can do it tooundefined


Where to start I here you are thinking.

And that’s exactly what this blog is about today …. So, sit back get comfy… there is a bit to learn here

And I will also be making some videos about this topic to follow through. As sometimes things are easer when you see them happening right



I have been trying to master the art of meditation for years, but it never really worked

Well not until I learned this new trick


I guess I started on this track about 20 years ago it might even be 25 year ago I can’t pin point it exactly I just remember my boys were very young & now they are in there 30s so was a while back

I had become part of an organic garden group which I loved we all grew organic veggies & swopped our excess,

One of the group decided we should also study natural health as well, so that’s were it started

But as much as I tried I never managed to master the art of meditation

Far too much noise in my head

Which to be fare is also why I get so much done in my day & why I’m a go getter, a winner, an online success as we need that busy attitude to get things done right


But if you’re like me its hard to turn that brain off … iv said many nights when I can’t sleep as my head still going through lists of to dos and have done …. Where is the off button!!!!




Well this new technique is just that it has taught me how to finely turn the monkey chatter off in my head

How to relax

How to go into a clear deep meditation

And how to kick start the LAW OF ATTRACTION into go mode


Sounding good right


Over the years if read 100s of books on law of attraction, positive thinking, mindset,

You name it I’ve read it as like you I just knew there is more to life than get up go to work come home sleep repeat.



So, I guess I was searching for the holy grail … I wanted a better way to make money instead of shift work as a nurse

I wanted better money

I wanted a life

& I also knew to get that something had to change mainly me

And the way I looked at things my attitude needed help shall we say


So as my books I had read so far had not given me the right info or maybe I just wasn’t in the right place as timing is important you need to be ready to receive right


Anyway, one day this year as you will know if you have read my earlier blogs I joined an online affiliate program

It’s an education system were people can learn every aspect of internet marketing

Well that was my turning point as the first thing they teach you is mind set ….

So I guess I was ready to learn as I absorbed so much & I still am


Well with my online education they recommended many books,

Most of which I had already read …. Anyway, I re bought a few, one of which was

“the secrete” BY Ronda Byrne

Now, after rereading this a shift was happening within me

I then started on…. DR Wain Dwyer “THE SHIFT”

And “the miracle morning” by Hal Elrod


All of them were this time helping yes, I was getting it … BUT not yet perfect it was like I was missing one part of the puzzle

But I kept going kept trying … I’m not one to give up

 one day not so long ago when I was doing my research I saw I video by Eric Ho 

He had been taught the secrete by a guru in Bali of all places … so of course now I’m hoping to find this guru also   

 Now Eric said he learned all this on a meditation / yoga retreat that he had gone on

As like me he also new the best was to get ahead in life is to invest in ourselves that’s exactly what iv been doing & plan to do more as its already change my life 100%


Ok back to the secrete key 


It’s mostly to do with deep breathing … yes you read right simple ha

Now I have done this before but not with meditation

So here we go


Step 1 …. Deep tummy breaths breath in through your noise to the count of 4

                   That big air you have taken in must puff up your tummy like it’s a balloon

                Hold in your tummy to the count of 12

                Let out through your mouth to the count of 8

Ok 4… 12….8…

Do this for 5 minutes

I want you to acknowledge how your energy is changing while you are doing this.

You will notice your mind starts to declutter

You feel more relaxed

Your brain will slow a bit  


Step 2 … left right breathing …. Ok with your thumb your ring finger & your nose we will master left right breathing

This is how our breath works … weather you know it or not your nose is not breathing through both nostrils at once. Its only breathing through one at a time, which normally changes every 4 hours or so

I want you to block one side of your nose and breath …. then the other side and breath.

did you feel the difference?


I know I did instantly & now I know which nostril is working now that I have acknowledged what’s happening and you will too



So as the legend goes our left nostril is for calming & our right nostril for energy

The left is controlled by the moon & the right by the sun

So, if you need to be busy or need to concentrate breath through your right nostril


But when you want to meditate or sleep breath through your left


Again, with deep breathing right into your tummy like a balloon for 5 minutes

This will put you into deep relaxation & the monkey chatter in your head will be fading fast


Step 3 …. Eye focusing ……

This is one of the keys I had never been taught... you see you eyes here more than our ears do.

What you say?

Think of it like this as Eric Ho said

If you hear some one has died you think o that’s sad …. But if you see some one dies you would brake down, you be so upset, because you saw it

So, your eyes hear so much they accelerate our emotions they accelerate our thoughts things become louder with our sight

So, the last for of calming is through our eyes

So, I want you to sit with your back straight (no slumping) palms facing up

Now you need 1 thing to focus on

A dot on the wall or a leaf in the garden

But 1 thing only

Sit, stare…. The dot or leaf will go in & out of focus … keep staring… we may loose total focus all may disappear or just the dot may disappear … this is all ok …. Your eyes will hurt … keep staring … do it till you can no longer stare… you may even get tears or stinging in your eyes that’s ok

Now close your eyes but still see the dot/ leaf

When you open your eyes now …. Now your head is clear of all the clutter of all the noise

Now is when we meditate as the clutter has gone



 As you sit to meditate, making sure your back is straight and tall, no slumping, palms facing up, & we are relaxed with no clutter or monkey chatter

I want you to sit in the nothingness…. You may find that a few thoughts start to drift back inn just let them pass by, do not engage with the thoughts, do not have a conversation with them

Just let them pass

The more you do this the less thoughts will come



Now now now

You are ready to set your intentions to the universe


Step 1… make sure your intentions are clear and precise not words like I want to be rich … that’s not a clear instruction

Use words like I want $10,000 every month passive income, only do 1 intention at a time,

Step 2 …see what it is you have asked for as if it’s already there

See your bank book with the statement saying

August 2018 $10.000

September 2018 $10.000

October 2018 $10.000

Step 3… now this is vital …. How do you feel? What emotions does this bring?? Feel the emotions as if your dream is real as if it is there right now in your hands

Step 4 …. Now this is also important as it brings the true intention to the surface & the emotions run deep

Ask your self why? Why do you want $10.000 a month passive income?

So, I can quit my job

Why do you want to quite your job?

So, I can spend more time doing what I love with who I love

Why why do you want that?

I want to clean the beaches, so my children & grandchildren have a beautiful world to grow up in like I did

Why do you want that?

I want them to be safe

Why do you feel they are not safe?


   Do you See where I’m going the more why you ask yourself the deeper to the real intention you get, & the deeper the emotions come up which is all going out to the universe who now feels it to the sauce, the universe, God what ever name you want to use is ok

Its all the same it is the grater power that reads our energy

Now the reason we needed to do all the cleaning of the clutter in our minds is simple

We as humans have 10,000,000 thought run through our head every second, that right every second,

Now if the universe read all of them it would not know what to send you

You brain with out all this declutter is like

I want $10.00,000, where is the cat, did I buy milk o ya I did, shit I forgot toilet paper, were is the cat, god that new girl at work is a twat

This is your head with out decluttering so how would the universe know what you are asking?????

It wouldn’t have a clue!

And this is why with most of us the

Law of Attraction is not or has not worked


So now you know

1/ de clutter by deep breathing, left nostril breathing, eye starring,

2/ meditate

3/ clear intentions

4/ deep emotions


Good luck everyone

And remember its not easy but it is simple

With practice you can do anything  



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