How to finish what you started

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We all know the feeling.

You think of a great idea. Enthusiasm thunders through you, and you feel like you can conquer the world. You work long hours, maybe even forgoing socializing, eating and even sleeping. You get so much done in so little time. 

But then, something happens.undefined

The magic muse you had ahold of just disappears.

You look back on your previous work and think one of two things. Either, "This is trash," or, "Wow, how on earth did I do that?!"

You freeze, realizing how far away you are from reaching completion. With a heavy heart, you drop the business idea or shelve your half-finished novel in a drawer. Yet another thing you couldn’t finish.

But there’s no need to worry.

For one thing, you’re not alone. All of us, at one stage or another, have started something we haven’t finished. That’s totally normal.

For another, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if you can salvage the project and get it done. Check these out:

Does your vision still inspire you? undefined

Putting everything to the side – the hard work, challenges, and pitfalls of making your dream a reality – does your vision still inspire you? When you imagine your project completed, do you still feel excited? Do you still feel inspired when you see how many people you could touch, or how things could change in your life? 

If not, you might want to consider if pushing through on this idea is worth your time. Sometimes we embark on projects that excite us at the time, only to find that later on, we’ve lost interest. This is fine. We can learn from the experience by seeing that we shouldn’t always over commit too quickly. Investing time, energy and money on a fleeting idea is not usually a wise plan, especially if you have many other commitments and responsibilities.

If on the other hand, you are still excited, that’s great! Your project is probably salvageable, and you can move onto the next questions.

Are you missing a crucial skill?

Many projects require a great number of skills to get them off the ground. For example, perhaps you’re starting a cricket coaching business because you’re great at both cricket and teaching. But when it comes to the administration or the financial side of things, you may fall short and think of giving up. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the end. 

If you’ve found out you’re missing a crucial skill to get your idea off the ground, you have three options. 1. Learn the skill yourself. 2. Pay someone to carry out that aspect of your idea. 3. Find a business partner who is as passionate as you about the business and share the profits or benefits of your idea in the future.

Are you having a self-confidence crisis?

For most of us, our self-confidence tends to wax and wane. Some days we feel like we can do anythingundefined we set our minds to, and on other days we feel weak and inept. This is totally normal.

Sometimes people have big dreams and ideas for projects and start out full of hope and enthusiasm. Then their confidence wanes and they stop believing they can carry them to completion. If you’re doubting your abilities, you can take a three-pronged approach.

Firstly, make sure you’re committed to gaining any skills and stretching your abilities as needed. There are always challenges when we create something new. Secondly, encourage yourself. There may be people around you to encourage you, but there are likely to be naysayers, too. By watching inspiring content on YouTube and ensuring you keep positive company, your mindset will be more positive. Thirdly, strengthen yourself to meet challenges. We all dream that our businesses will go off without a hitch, but that’s never the case. If you want success, it’s imperative to learn that failure is not ever the end, if we don’t want it to be. We get up, dust ourselves off, learn our lessons, and carry on.

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