How to Increase the Value of Your Time by Improving Efficiency

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By controlling the value of your time, you are the one setting the price tag

The value of your time is something most people don't see as a non-fixed variable. How much is really an hour? The question sounds weird, but the reality is that an hour can be used in many different ways.

An hour is and will always be 60 minutes. But how come that some people can achieve a lot during these 60 minutes while others make almost nothing. Instead, the latter group of individuals quickly brings up explanations or excuses, like:

"I didn't have time."

"The time was not enough."

"The time blew away."

Time is the only variable that is 100% democratic. It's the same number of hours per day for any individual on earth, no matter social group, gender, age, or whatever you would like to add.

The question will then be, what is the formula people are using to get much more out of an hour, or if you like adding more value to your time? To read more and to get the formula, CLICK HERE!