How To Stay On Track With Your Life Purpose

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Knowing that most of the world`s population is walking every day on this earth with no life goals at all, my intention is to speak to those who have clearly made up their minds that there are goals they want to achieve, challenges they want to overcome, finish lines they want to cross and that`s fine but... have you ever thought what is your approach heading towards those goals? 

undefinedIt`s so easy to stay positive when everything is fine, life is going good and things just flow without requiring much of your energy. I would bet that there is not one single successful person who has reached a certain level without facing hardships, disappointments or frustrations and probably a lot of rejections... and if you do, let me know, I want to speak to him. 

My experience through the military revealed a lot of what every one of us had deep down inside that could be used to face every challenge inside and outside of the institution, most of us didn`t even have a sustainable goal to aim for, most of us thought that we couldn`t do something big in the future, almost everybody was thinking short-term, small and in a non-precise manner. I saw a lot of times people facing big disappointments at a certain time and in the next minute, they were doing something that was totally off from the goals they wanted to achieve, sabotaging themselves, sometimes for a moment of pleasure.

undefinedI was fairly disciplined, even before joining the army, that experience just came at the right time to solidify even more that discipline, it is the core value of my life, I learned so much from my hardships, but a whole lot more from other people`s mistakes... I learned to be methodical, to stay positive when the world around me was on fire, because when you sank your goals deep into the ground like a wooden stick, with total commitment, you are going nowhere but towards those goals, there are no distractions, no looking to the side, no time for a break, it`s all about the finish line!

“Luck is just one of the by-products of those who take the most action.” – Grant Cardone

I believe that the marathon of life is about 80% mindset, 20% mechanics, it made a difference in the time I was hanging around with rifles... when I decided to separate myself from the crowd, to move on and pursue my goals while others are still stuck in a never-ending sea of frustrations.

Remember that only you have the ability to stay on track, don`t rely on anything else, life is not about "I hope it turns out good!"... you have to make it turn good.

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