How To Stop Being Jealous Of Others

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Today’s topic, as you can tell from the headline of this post, is going to be about jealousy.

Oh, let me correct, please. We are going to talk about how to stop being jealous.

A few years ago I heard something that completely changed my view on jealousy. And today I thought why not to share it with you. It has changed my mindset in a way that I’ll hardly ever be jealous of anyone .

The best part is, this mindset will work in every situation. Whether you’re jealous of other people's success, of people who have built incredible career/business, who have built strong relationships with their friends, family or partner. People who seem to have it all and look happy. It doesn’t matter.

Life is about mindset. Living a decent life is about mindset... Everything in the end of the day comes down to mindset.

SO what kind of mindset am I talking about you ask?


I am talking about the mindset of gratitude...


Gratitude nowadays is a very commonly used word. It’s a beautiful word with a beautiful meaning, and the fact that people are starting to integrate this word into their lives more and more is very welcoming.

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation or thanks. When you feel gratitude, you feel light. It’s a good feeling. It allows you to feel present. Feeling gratitude opens your heart to all that is good. It is a positive lens through which to view the world.

You can feel gratitude for something as small as receiving a compliment or gift; you can feel gratitude for having parents who gave you a proper education; you can feel gratitude simply for being alive, for being healthy and etc.

I think being grateful for such things is VERY important and you definitely shouldn’t take those things for granted.

But, this can apply to jealousy as well.

One of the most important things I have learned in life was to APPRECIATE those people instead of FEELING JEALOUS.

To be grateful to them, for that they are there and are a clear proof that what they have done is actually possible. A nice reminder from God that If they can do it means that it’s possible for EVERYONE to do it.

Every time you are thankful to those people that you feel jealous, and, by the way, these people can be in your life not only directly but also indirectly, like a certain popular figure, you are opening your mind for learning from them. You are opening yourself to pay attention, investigate, learn and maybe even ask them how did they do it and then apply it to YOUR life. Look at them as your teachers through life.

This way, instead of being jealous and drowning yourself into negative thoughts, you have the power to take advantage from it and get closer to what you want.

And I want to end this post with the following words:

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing;

it makes what is excellent in other belong to us as well”


By being grateful for things, you are attracting more of those things into your life.That’s the ancient wisdom of life... 

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