How to Survive Mondays 52 Times a Year for the Rest of Your Life

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Some try to survive Mondays while others just hate them. To which group do you belong?

To survive Mondays, 52 times a year, isn't that weird? You know that a new Monday is coming every single week. Still, you accept it something necessarily evil to put in your weekly plan.

Forget about hating or disliking certain days of the week. Doing your very best to just survive Mondays is to fool around with yourself. Monday or any other day of the week represents 12,5% of your life. If you view it that way, are you willing to live unhappy 12,5% of your life?

With this somewhat provoking introduction, let's find out why this Monday syndrome exists. If you read the entire article, you will also get a solution, and you will never have to "survive Mondays" again. 

Since childhood, we are educated and told to act and behave in a certain way. From home, your parents are the predominant "teachers." At school, the teachers partly take over the duty of your parents.

The evolution of a newborn child to an independent adult goes through many different phases.

Therefore, the influences from parents, other older family members, and teachers form an essential part of how you will perceive things later on in your life. Click here to read the complete article.

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