Learn Basic Welsh via Cognates

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Hello fellow language enthusiasts! Here I want to share with you some basic Welsh words and building blocks that will get you going in order to speak some Welsh and impress your friends. Here we go!


A cognate is two words that look and sound the same and have the same mearning, a Welsh example would be: Trio - Try

Cognates are an easy way to start learning a language, in fact, in languages that are very closely related to English - Swedish for example, you can learn cognates and be able to have a good understanding. Cognates go a long way in learning to speak and understand a language!

Below I have compiled a simple list of 4 Welsh cognates which are so easy to learn, then we will go about making sentences out of them.

You will find that learning one of the oldest languages in Europe is actually very fun!

Welsh Cognates

Before we begin, a Welsh verb, like the example above: Trio, can mean 'try' as well as 'trying' - You're getting two for the price of one there! OK, let's start!

  • Try / Trying = Trio
  • Like / Liking = Licio <<<< This is a slang form, but we will use it because it's easy and it's fun ;)
  • Stop / Stopping = Stopio
  • Perform / Performing = Perfformio

Basic Sentences

Because Welsh verbs can also have the same meaning as when English verbs have an -ing at the end, we can say:

  • To like trying = Licio trio
  • To stop liking = Stopio licio
  • To try to perform = Trio perfformio
  • Trying to stop = Trio stopio

How easy is that!? - Now let's add 2 pronouns so we can actually use these sentences.

Pronouns for 'I' and 'You'

These words are also very easy, they are:

  • I / I am = Dw i'n (pronounced Dween)
  • You / You are = Ti'n (pronounced Teen)

- - - - -

So let's get you speaking some Welsh! :D

  • I like = Dw i'n licio
  • I am trying = Dw i'n trio
  • I am trying to stop = Dw i'n trio stopio
  • I am performing = Dw i'n perfformio
  • You are trying to perform = Ti'n trio perfformio
  • You like to try = Ti'n licio trio

How easy is all this, right!?

Even though we have only introduced a small handful of words, you can say quite a lot of Welsh already.

Try it out on your own when you are walking down the street or when you are speaking to your friends.

You will (and already have!) that learning Welsh, and other languages are actually easy to learn once you learn those cognates!

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