Marijuana Anyone?

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Today October 17, 2018, is the first day for marijuana to be legal in Canada.

In my 1st year of specializing in Estate Planning. I met with a wise, wealthy 90-year-old lady who said, "The ruination of our country will be caused by drugs & alcohol."

I was taken by surprise as I thought about folks I knew who appeared to have changed their lives drastically for the worse with drugs & or alcohol. At a seminar I attended, the statement was made that more people die from prescribed drugs than street drugs. I'd love to have statistics on this but I don't think doctors have time to do the follow-ups on all the drugs they prescribe & or do studies. Too bad as this could save a lot of lives.

Both my father & father in law drank a lot. I learned from that what I did not want in my life.

My youngest brother of 4 broke his leg playing football & became addicted to prescribed drugs then Marijuana.

With a very high I Q & good marks in school, his drive was reduced to accepting a job, way below his potential. ( this is all according to me. Pat) Others may see it differently.) His academic level was far beyond many teachers, including myself.

So in many peoples eyes, he was breaking the law on a regular basis. How do you think that played on his self-esteem?  I knew I didn't like it.

I had a brother in law growing Marijuana and having fun parties making use of their crops. They got a little crazy at times but we had a lot of fun. They put some in the mushrooms we cooked, without my knowing, they thought that was the funniest thing. I learned about it years afterward. How do you think the trust level was with those relationships.

We stopped attending some family functions with the kids as many of that family thought it was hilarious. A real big joke. "Now it is."

So, now that marijuana is legal, we will see an impact on more & more people. I wonder if anyone is keeping track of it?

Our daughter works night shift tonight in the emergency department & expects much activity from users of marijuana, especially new users exposed to peer pressure.

Secret side effects include giggles, laziness, napping, tardiness, and extreme munchie cravings according to what I've read.


When we were kids, alcohol was the big worry for parents. We couldn't afford alcohol so they had little to worry about. There was no alcohol in my home my Dad went out to drink. My husband's Dad had alcohol hidden in various locations We saw enough of the effects at home, from alcohol, so we knew we wanted better results in our lives than what we saw at home.

Nowadays, kids cannot afford to buy drugs, but when their parents are users it's just the thing to do. Kids can find many ways to get what they want. We teach by example.

Whether the product is legal or not. We all need to make our own decisions in life. Make wise decisions for your families sake.

Let food be your medicine. Is marijuana part of a plant-based diet? I don't think so, do you?

We are still learning how to make wise decisions. Yes, you may like to see how we are learning online.

You may like to follow the steps we followed to help us make wise decisions.

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