May is Mental Health Awareness Month

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May is Mental Health Awareness month and many people are not aware of it.  Myself included in this group. The month was declared in 1949 as a time to educate the public on mental health and deficiencies.  The theme last year was "Risky Business". So suiting since not much is really known about how the brain works.  Next to outer space, the brain is the unknown frontier.  This year's theme is #4mind4body. This is an impactful theme considering the age we live in. It is a means to brand the month of mental awareness, the organizations involved, and the impact of the cause.

Our brain power is so important.  It is a top commodity.  Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich" calls our mind a complicted machine that we need to fill (fuel) with quality products to keep it engaged.  This is a multiple sensory task.  Joyce Meyers did a series about "Winning the Battlefield of the Mind". Our thoughts and attentions are constantly being bartered for whether we acknowledge it or not.  Jim Rohn said that "we mst stand guard at the door of the mind" unless we be overtaken.

Here are a few sensory aspects to consider for good mental health.  I find myself singing a popular childhood song while talking about these.  I included it in the passage.

"Be careful little eyes what you see"                                                            1.  Reading--You must invest in yourself, because no one else will. Get some good books on topics you find interesting.  My library is filled with motivational books, entrepreneurial books, autobiographies.  I pack my mental bank up with thoughts of how to change my future to the way I want it to look.  Also, if you are reading 12-15 pages a day you can finish a 200+ page book within a month.  Be part of the 43% of the population that actually read on a daily basis after finishing school.

2.  Visual influences--Media, movies, and mental distractions.  If you are constantly watching  drama, conflict and chaos, wouldn't it be logical that it will seep into your life.  Your conscious and subconscious mind wonders away before, during and after those episodes. I am not saying don't enjoy the "Avengers". Just set clear boundaries between fiction and non-fiction and counter balance them at all times.

"Be careful little ears what you hear"                                                          3.  Audioables--Be cautious of the things you listen to.  Take the time to look up the lyrics of the popular song that you listen to repeatedly.  If it has a good beat but the words are smut or undesirable, dub out the voices and enjoy the tune! Consider the words and how they impact your thinking.  Exchange that time for listening to Audiobooks.  Tony Robbins in his EFT sessions says, take the time that does not require creative attention and make it productive.  Like when you are brushing your teeth, driving your car, or waiting in a line.  If you maximize your time by minimizing the less productive things you will have an efficient life.  Will Smith recently said that if you make every second count for something you will have a fulfilled, rich life.

"Be careful little mind what you think"                                                        4.  Reactivity-- I recently did an episode on my YouTube channel, where I spoke specifically about reactions.  We can't always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we react to it.  Have you ever tried to smile while you are sad? It is difficult but if you can pull it off you will change your mood.  Same thing with trying to laugh when you are angry.  Go ahead and try it! It will sound forced and sinister and you will be laughing at yourself, but your mood will shift.  You have control of your reactions and the atmosphere.  Speak into your day and live a positive and assertive existance.  You also have control of the people you spend your time with.  Les Brown calls them "OQP"-only quality people.  Those are the ones you should spend your time on.  And watch out for the people Tim Ferris calls "time stealers" and "dream killers".  If you feel negative or less impactful around an individual, don't give them the opportunity to occupy your space.  Even if they are family, limit the interactions.  #attitude

I leave you with these 3 points to empower your brain contruction:                                

  • Be discipline about creating a positive environment and building a constructive personality
  • Invest in yourself to grow, think and succeed
  • Only allow those people who are of similar mindset or better into your circle of influence

Here is to good mind health. Google #4mind4body events in your area, download 2018 tool kit, and get educated on your brain power.  Also, Like me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram, and subscribe to my channel on YouTube.  Click hereSee you next time in the friendly skies.

The Captain                                                     

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