Robots stealing our jobs

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Yeah I know shocking right it caught me by surprise when I first heard it too, so what are we going to do about this I hear you ask.

Well, when you hear quotes like this who can fail to not sit up and take notice, be careful reading on this might cause you to lose some sleep.

  • Stephen Hawking said "It could spell the end of the human race"
  • Bill Gates was quoted saying "people don't realize how many jobs will soon be replaced by software bots"  
  • Elon Musk warns its "more dangerous than nukes"

The opinions of all 3 appear to be the same and they all forecast a robot takeover, so if you think you are safe in what you are doing right now, odds are that as early as the next 5-10 years there will be a cheaper long-term replacement for you. I am sorry if this all seems doom and gloom but too many people are stuck in jobs that have no long-term future, now before anyone says but my qualifications will save me hold fire!

Point #1 The qualifications you paid big money for will not keep you in a job, in fact, I am willing to bet that most of your qualifications you sat in front of a computer, what you can be taught guess what a robot can do the same

Point #2 Your current job will not prepare you either no matter how much you are great with computers, or you are on good terms with your boss.

Well do what you are at the moment and odds are eventually the inevitable will happen, that 9-5 job or the college degree heck even certain people in high profile jobs such as, lawyers, financial managers, and IT specialists are about to be added to the redundancy list.

For example, take a lawyer 

You know the one where loads of youngsters are trying to get in to break into the legal profession.


A document was published not too long ago saying a new automated program called "Ross" has started taking over 20-60% of "discovery work" junior lawyers used to get paid for by their employers.

Ok so what about IT experts


Billionaire Vinod Khosla recently boasted about the fact that 80% of jobs in IT departments everywhere, could vanish as soon as in the next few years! In fact, he even went on to say this was "exciting" news, well yes but only if you are the one selling it.

So with that in mind, it does beg the question does he know something we do not?

I mean we all use:

  • Siri - Apple
  • Alexa - Amazon
  • Google search - Google
  • Cortana - Microsoft

This can find us something we want, order our shopping, send text and make calls, to be honest short of making us breakfast there is not much they all will not do.

So I think we all get it right I do not like stressing this point but, there are a few people out there that just need a wake-up call, and I hope this has provided it.

Let me now say we can actually use technology to our advantage there are a few options out there let us change the mood and talk about some of the possible solutions.

So the big key in the solution is robots cannot show emotion and here lies the solution, a robot cannot connect with an audience or a group of people in the way a human can.  

So last time I checked you couldn't hold a decent conversation with a robot, and they certainly do not have feelings yet, so we have found something that we can actually use that, at the moment a machine cannot, what if we could also use the same machines and have them work for us, sounds great right!

So here it is 3 months ago I received a similar kick up the proverbial backside, and it made me realize I needed to reskill, and it had to be something that was going to have longevity and not one a robot could replace me. Since then I have been learning all about this very system and beginning to set myself up for the coming years. And before anyone says it no there is no catch, and it certainly is no online scam, if it was why the hell would I be doing it.

Anyway to the point I want to give away the same training I got, call it a reward for reading all of this article and taking up some of your time.

So I am going to drop a link at the bottom of the page just follow it through and see if it helps you as much as it did for me.

No catch, No cost and definitely no fluff.

Go for it guys and see what you think.

Thanks for reading and here's the link as promised let us show them they work for us!


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