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Just imagine what it would be like if you lost your senses one by one. Firstly to become blind, then deaf, then to have no sense of feeling at all and finally no sense of smell or taste. It really is hard to imagine what it would be like. When volunteers are placed in an environment of sensory deprivation, they can usually only last a few minutes before they press a panic button. An amazing fact of the human brain is that it produces more electrical impulses in a day than your standard computer.  Your brain receives information from the outside world, processes it and responds at an astonishing rate. Our neurones act like telephone cables that send fast messages all around our body. Our brains hold more memory that the fastest computers and can still serve us at a multifunctional level.


However the human brain is very inefficient in at least 1000 tasks.  A dog can process smells 40 times better than we can. A bat an hear 3 times the pitch we can. An eagle can see 4-8 times better. There are many things the human brain is very inefficient at. We can't calculate pi to the 100th decimal or not even the 50th! The human brain is efficient at doing what we need to survive, in a dot in the Universe, confined to our extremely limited variables. Increase the temperature a fraction of a degree of a star and it breaks down. Change the oxygen levels. The Universe can't be reprogrammed to do anything outside of a confined laws of limited functions. 


Like all animals, we try to conserve our mental energy and automate our biological processes. Most of the time we run entirely on instincts, reflexes and minute-to-minute immediate thoughts. Take breathing as an example, it’s completely automated, to the point that consciously trying to maintain a steady rhythm is surprisingly hard. The conscious thought would just bog the process down! Unlike most animals, we have gradually evolved into complex beings, capable of cultivating our intelligence for language and our other higher faculties. Our emotions make us feel like we are always hunting for something and searching to satisfy our needs. These desires stem from one or more of the following:

  • Certainty- that we can provide for ourselves and our families.
  • Individuality- so we can express ourselves to our personal preference
  • Belonging- we all need a sense of 'family' or 'community' and love being part of a group.
  • Recognition- that our contributions are acknowledged and accepted
  • Physiology- to preserve our health and well being
  • Sexuality- that we have attractive merit. It helps to ensure the continuation of our species but more importantly, it is also about intimacy, lust and family bonds.
  • Self-Development- to show ourselves that we are capable of constantly improving
  • Power- to provide evidence of self worth to ourselves and others
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Our emotions are energies and unconscious emotions, all unconscious energies can be transformed by an awareness into their opposite positive values. For example, fear can become love, anger can become compassion, hatred can become friendliness, lust can become creativity. It is the same energy, that can be transformed through understanding. Are your negative energies affecting your health and wellbeing? Perhaps it could be a lack of certainty in your job or future career. Which one of the above needs do you think are being unfulfilled in your life? All of the reasons for you feeling a lack of something in your life can be found, if you search hard enough for it. Or it might be staring back at you right in the face but you are unaware it is there. Just like a computer, our brains have the ability to upgrade itself. Everyone knows that when we exercise our bodies, our muscles become stronger, leaner and more capable of withstanding force. Our brains are exactly the same. 

Like it or not you are currently a shell of your future self. You are a mere reflection of what you could be and should be — a small percentage of your incredible potential. Leave it a few years and the neurons do deteriorate, we do experience depression, loss of memory and headaches. These are the kind of symptoms that are warning us that our brain function is on a downward spiral. What we need is to exercise our brains, learn new skills, become part of a new supportive community and feel valued. What we want is to find autonomy in our businesses, ourselves and regain control of our lives. Get it all here-sign up.


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